Futuristic and Unique Loyalty Programs for Clothing Retailers

As a clothing retailer, you not only watch trends, you set them. When shoppers breeze into your store they're on the hunt for fashion-forward looks that won't break the bank. But what's really encouraging them to pull more garments from the rack and return when there are other comparable clothing retailers in town? Customer retention starts with a great loyalty program, and Loyal-n-Save gives you the ability to customize every reward to excite shoppers into your store and keep them buying.

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Create a Personal Connection with Customers Using Loyal-n-Save Clothing Retail Loyalty Programs

You work in fashion to know that style can speak louder than words, but does your in-store sales signage scream, “buy me!” and will prospective shoppers get the message if they aren't walking by? You want to draw customers into your store and motivate them to act on every great discount and deal you're offering. With Loyal-n-Save's digital loyalty program, you can go beyond in-store signage and mass emails that lack the personal care your customers are seeking.

Our cutting-edge platform features the latest technology you need to move merchandise and make room for the latest styles, retain customers who keep coming back, and grow your brand. Broaden your customer base with a digital loyalty program that enables you to get to know your customers' spending habits so that you can tailor targeted campaigns with their fashion tastes in mind. Offering discounts, deals, and even freebies will not only increase customer retention but also incentivize your loyal shoppers to purchase more apparel and accessories than ever before. Increasing sales and profitability has never been more in vogue!

Why Should You Choose Loyal-n-Save for Your Clothing Retail Business?

Choosing a loyalty program that offers the most rewards for your money can sometimes be a difficult choice. Below are some tokens that will help you get better clarity on what would work best for your industry-specific needs.

Shopping Perks

Invite customers to experiment with fresh new styles by running a campaign specific to this season's must-haves. Offering discounts, extra reward tokens, or even a free accessory when a shopper exceeds a set spending threshold is a great way to increase sales and loyalty for the ultimate return on investment, which is a happy fashionista that keeps shopping.

Smart Promotions

Run customizable campaigns to entice your customers to splurge on the latest trends and rampage the clearance rack. Our platform makes loading a promotional deal fast and easy, and best of all, your customers will feel like they have a personal shopper in their pocket every time a push notification alerts them to a targeted campaign.

Offer Reward Tokens and Rewards

With Loyal-n-Save, the more you reward your customers, the greater the return for your clothing store. You remain in total control of your promotions and your loyal customers aren't the only ones who earn reward tokens every time they buy. Thanks to our tiered rewards system, the entire sales team benefits from associates to managers.

Personalization and Constant Updates

Our fully-customizable loyalty program and campaigns make it easier for you to convert loyal customers. You can leverage special tools to offer your loyal and VIP consumers personalized deals and services. The best part is we are regularly updating our user platforms to keep up with new technology and practices.

24/7 Support

Loyal-n-Save understands the importance of support for a business owner like you and how it can be critical for your business. Over the years, Loyal-n-Save has created a highly skilled team and infrastructure to provide its clients on-demand support be it tech, system, or user support. Get your issues resolved anytime and anywhere 24/7 through our team of loyalty experts.

Benefits of Gamified Loyalty Programs by Loyal-n-Save to Enhance your ROI

When it comes to revenue growth in the clothing retail industry, you'll need more than Anna Wintour's fashion rules to make your profit margins fierce. That's where EAT comes in. This acronym stands for Enrollment, Activity, and Trends, and if implemented correctly at your store, every marketing effort will be successful.

Streamlined Onboarding Process with Loyalty Programs for Clothing Retailer

Extend the Loyal-n-Save rewards offer to your new and preexisting customers with ease. Our user-friendly interface makes enrollment fast and easy, and your shoppers will love discovering deals, discounts, and promotions that enhance their trendsetting lifestyle.

Enhance and Track User Engagement with Loyal-n-Save Clothing Retail Loyalty Programs

The greater the social media buzz about your clothing store, the larger your customer base will grow. Reward loyal customers for tagging your store's handle and using the check-in feature on social media. Tracking your customers' engagement will help you design your next campaign to maximize sales.

Reporting Analytics to Study Consumer Behaviors

Analytics has never been more comprehensive. Get to know your customers from behind the scenes by monitoring their shopping habits and the promotions they can't resist to learn which campaigns are hot and which are not. By leveraging this data, you can make personalized recommendations that maximize upsell opportunities to increase your ROI.

Go Digital with Loyal-n-Save Digital Features for Clothing Retail Loyalty

Dealing with outdated paper punch-cards is so last season! With the Loyal-n-Save platform, you can run digital promotional campaigns that'll be sure to get your customers in the shopping mood. Our digital platform tallies rewards based on the receipt and not on manual punches, which are prone to error and theft. In the past, offering a coupon or rebate has always been problematic due to personnel lying or losing physical coupons. Eliminate inaccuracies, dishonesty, and other time-consuming verification processes with our digital loyalty platform.

Leverage Loyal-n-Save Swag Shop to Burn Reward Tokens and Offer Brand Merchandise

Your clothing store is already selling dresses, heels, and everything in-between, all of which you can easily add to your loyalty programs swag shop to increase sales and reward your customers. Loyal shoppers can then apply their earned reward tokens to the products you've added to your online swag shop at any time right through the mobile app or website! Easily keep sales flowing, even when your clothing store is closed.

Take Your Business to The Next Level

Leave your competitors behind by implementing practical and futuristic loyalty solutions that engage and retain customers while building a loyal consumer base.

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Our problem solved: a way to communicate and engage with our customers on a platform they actually use. We use social media like Instagram and Facebook, but we just don't get the participation rates we want. Loyal-n-Save gives us the credibility and voice we needed to increase our customer engagement.

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We were pleasantly surprised with our ROI from Loyal-n-Save. It didn't take us very long to get set up and running, and we found that customers' really enjoyed participating in our campaigns and earning from friends. It's cool too, because they were able to redeem tokens in our online Swag Shop for items that were given to us by manufacturers!

Vapers Choice


We knew that opening a restaurant meant we needed to have a loyalty program. Loyal-n-Save gave us the tools to get people into our place during those slow week nights. Plus, the detail view of our customer analytics is super helpful when identifying top customers.



Loyal-n-Save's digital coupons are monitored on your loyalty dashboard, assuring the integrity of the campaign and enabling you to measure the results of your campaign's success. You can quickly alert your customer base with push notifications through our app and SMS - the most powerful tools on the market today. With these direct and eye-grabbing notifications, your customers will be thrilled to return to your store as soon as they get an alert!
The Loyal-n-Save Swag Shop is the first of its kind, a real game-changer! With the online Swag Shop, your clothing store can move different products at little to no additional cost to you. Upload swag items and slow-moving products to your personalized shop and track real-time inventory and purchases of these products. Not only does the Swag Shop allow you to move additional products, but it also generates brand awareness and keeps your customers earned reward tokens circulating in your store. The possibilities are endless when you integrate Loyal-n-Save into your retail clothing location and retaining customers has never been easier!
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There are numerous innovative features of Loyal-n-Save Loyalty Program. However, we will list a few of the main features of Loyal-n-Save Loyalty below:
  • Swag Shops
  • Umbrella Loyalty
  • User Engagement
  • Campaign Builder
  • Team Builder
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