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Loyal-n-Save is a feature-rich customer loyalty program management system that offers a wide range of features for creating and managing successful loyalty programs.

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Cutting-Edge Features to Help You Grow

Umbrella Loyalty Program

Umbrella Loyalty Program

Loyal-n-Save offers an Umbrella Loyalty Program, an upgraded version of traditional coalition loyalty programs. It lets you unite all your stores under one brand and allows your customers to redeem their rewards in any store of their choice. This program offers more options to your customers while ensuring that they remain inside your brand's ecosystem.

The umbrella loyalty program is different from the coalition loyalty program. In a coalition loyalty program, several brands are a part of a loyalty program, and a customer can redeem their rewards at any brand's store. The problem with this method was that customers could redeem their rewards at a brand's store even if they had not purchased from there. This led to unhappiness and unhealthy competition between brands and an umbrella loyalty program resolved this hurdle.

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loyalty program with customer engagement

User Engagement

Loyal-n-Save enables you to implement a customer engagement-based loyalty program to engage your customers personally and turn them into loyal customers. Engaging customers and providing them with the best experience are the core functions of an effective loyalty program and store owners must engage their customers regularly and develop meaningful relationships to drive retention and loyalty.

Loyal-n-Save offers powerful features to increase user engagement, retention, and loyalty. The solution helps you leverage omnichannel communication to engage customers on various channels, including email, social media, mobile, and more. With Loyal-n-Save, you can also offer a personalized user experience to bolster engagement levels. Merchants can cater to each customer's individual needs and provide them with unique and relevant experiences.

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campaign builder

Campaign Builder

Loyal-n-Save comes with a powerful, intuitive, and user-friendly campaign builder to help merchants create, run, and track different loyalty campaigns for all types of customers.

Campaign Builder is a valuable feature for merchants who regularly run loyalty programs to acquire and retain customers. Whether you want to run your regular promotions or a seasonal discount sale, you can use the campaign builder to effectively run and manage your campaigns.

Campaign Builder has a robust dashboard that enables you to track and manage all your promotional campaigns in one place making it easy to follow the performance of all your campaigns and tweak them for better engagement and sales.

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Team Builder in Loyalty Program

Team Builder

The team builder module in Loyal-n-Save lets your cashiers, customers and their team earn bonus reward tokens through team building by referring your store through referral codes. Customers can add members to their team, and every time a team member makes a purchase, the customer earns a percentage of their reward tokens. Customers can add as many members as they want to their team; though they'll get team-building rewards for up to five tiers, there is no limit to how many members a customer can add to each tier.

Team Builder also helps businesses to retain their employees for a long time by allowing them to earn more bonus reward tokens. Team members can share their referral links and earn a commission when a team member makes a purchase. Employees can earn rewards and purchase products from the swag shop or get re-imbursed for cash value, depending on how you set the rules.

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Swag Shop loyalty program

Swag Shop

Swag Shop is an excellent feature for merchants to take their loyalty program and customer experience to the next level. Loyal-n-Save empowers you to offer unique products on the Loyal-n-Save Swag Shop, where customers can redeem their earned reward tokens to buy your products.

With the Swag Shop, you can encourage customers to add more members by referring more customers to earn reward tokens required to buy a particular product available on the Swag Shop.

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A Futuristic Loyalty Program to Help Your Business Grow

API-based loyalty program solution

API-First Loyalty
Program Solution

Loyal-n-Save is an API-based loyalty program solution that integrates with the POS of your choice. However, FTx POS is our preferred partner and we suggest their user-friendly system for top-notch proficiency and adaptability. Unlike other loyalty program systems that require standalone installation and configuration, Loyal-n-Save works seamlessly with your POS and other business applications without making substantial operational changes.

loyalty program mobile app


Loyal-n-Save has a fully-featured dashboard that lets you manage all aspects of your loyalty program from any device. With the loyalty dashboard, you can make real-time changes to the mobile app with new campaigns, swag items, and more, anytime, anywhere.

implementing customer loyalty programs


Loyal-n-Save simplifies the process of implementing customer loyalty programs. You can get your loyalty program up and running in a few minutes without undergoing any complicated implementation procedures. Besides, our team is always here to help you in case you run into any issues.

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