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As a gym owner, you know all about dedication. You see it in your members, and you live it day after day. It takes perseverance, determination, and discipline to get into peak physical shape and maintain a healthy lifestyle. But just because every member signs a contract to commit, doesn’t mean they’re taking advantage of the additional products and services that your fitness center offers. Loyal~n~Save is the best loyalty rewards program to encourage your members to splurge for those extras because they will earn points every time they work out!

Gym Loyalty Program

Gym Loyalty Program

What Can a Loyalty Program Do for You?

Your members are already loyal, but they come to the gym for a reason—to hit the treadmill, lift weights, and sweat it out in the cardio classes. A member might grab a protein bar on the way out, but are they taking advantage of the additional services at your fitness center? With our Loyal~n~Save program, you can introduce your members to new perks and incentivize them to sign up for preexisting services they’ve never tried before such as working out with a personal trainer, meeting with a dietary nutritionist, or booking a massage.

Reward members for spending additional money at your gym with a points-based loyalty program that enables fitness enthusiasts to earn points every time they swipe in at your gym. Our innovative system will benefit your business as much as your members and will have everyone talking about the hidden gems at your gym.

Rewards Program

Member Perks
Member Perks

Just because a member is a gym rat doesn’t mean he or she has to look like one, which is why you’re selling athletic apparel in the first place, but are your products really moving? Encourage spending and increase revenue by allocating rewards points for every fitness tee, sports bra, and pair of workout leggings your members buy.

Popular Products
Popular Products

Give your members a reason to purchase your products. Start a targeted campaign that offers a discount or extra points for yoga mats, lifting belts, sweatshirts, drinks, and snacks. Increase traffic to group classes by awarding points every time a customer takes a class. High-spending members will become enthusiastic and even low spenders will remain engaged.

Rewards and Points
Rewards and Points

With Loyal~n~Save, the more you reward your members, the greater the return for your gym. You can reward current members when they refer their family and friends to join, when they post about your fitness center on social media, and when they book additional services. You can also offer tiered rewards so that the higher the spending threshold, the larger the discount percentage. It’s all up to you!

High-Impact Gamified Loyalty Program that Increases Your ROI

When it comes to revenue growth in the physical fitness world, the heavy-weight champion is EAT. The more customers you Enroll in your loyalty program, the more they will interact with your gym, which leads to more Activity and a higher purchase Trend. If implemented correctly at your fitness center, every marketing effort will be a successful one.

  • Enrollment

    Extend the Loyal~n~Save rewards offer to your new and preexisting members with ease. Our user-friendly interface makes enrollment fast and easy, and your members will love discovering deals, discounts, and promotions that enhance their healthy lifestyle.

  • Activity

    Nothing attracts new members and retains old ones like positive reviews, and in this digital age every social media post matters. Reward your loyalty program members for mentioning your gym on social media when they check in or tag a post with your handle.

  • Trends

    As your members purchase the additional services and products offered at your gym, you can monitor which promotional campaigns are hot and which are not. Adjust your promotions accordingly and watch your ROI increase.

High-Impact Gamified Loyalty Program that Increases Your ROI

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  • Constant Updates
    Constant Updates

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    Our fully-customizable loyalty program and campaigns make it easier for you to convert loyal customers.

  • 24/7 Support
    24/7 Support

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Platform Features

These days, it’s all about digital! With the Loyal~n~Save platform, you can now run digital punch campaigns instead of using outdated paper punch-cards. Since our platform is digital, it tallies rewards based off of the receipt and not based on manual punches, which are prone to error and theft. Loyal~n~Save uses electronic coupons, assuring the integrity of the campaign and enabling you to measure the results of your campaigns’ success. Give your members the VIP treatment they deserve by offering personalized discounts, special rewards, and freebies. With Loyal~n~Save, your members won’t be the only ones earning points. Your fitness personnel can also earn every time they sign a member up for the program, which will incentivize your staff to do the work of converting members into loyal customers. Once you have, you can send reminders out with the push of a button to alert your members of classes, appointments, and the latest deals. You will be able to easily alert your consumer base with push notifications through our app and SMS – the most powerful tools on the market today. No one will break a sweat using our app, it’s easy and convenient for all.

Platform Features
Platform Features

Swag Shop

If your gym is already selling tee shirts, sweatpants, energy drinks, and other workout accessories geared towards the fitness enthusiast, you can easily add these items to your swag shop. Loyal customers can then apply their earned points towards your products even as you sleep, because our app is running 24/7. This means that you make money even when your gym is closed.

The Loyal~n~Save Swag Shop is the first of its kind, a real game-changer! With the online Swag Shop your fitness center has the ability to move extra products, at little to no additional cost to you. Simply upload swag items and hard-selling products to your personalized shop and track real-time inventory and purchases of these products. Not only does the Swag Shop allow you to move additional products, but it also generates brand awareness and keeps your customers earned points circulating in your gym. The possibilities are endless when you integrate Loyal~n~Save into your fitness center, retaining customers has never been easier!

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