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As a pet retailer, you already know that you have some of the most loyal customers ever. Your customers want what is best for their animal(s) because they are a part of their family. They will stay loyal to a brand because they know their pet likes it, but who's to say they won't start getting that brand at a store down the road because it's cheaper or they offer special discounts. Loyal~n~Save can help turn those brand loyal customers into loyal customers of your location.

Pet Retailer Loyalty Program

Pet Retailer Loyalty Program

Create a Personal Connection with Customers

Your customers love their pets like they're a family member. They would do anything for them, including spending a fortune on pet products. Once they find a brand their pet loves, there's no turning them back, they are BRAND loyal. There's only one problem: Other retailers sell that same brand, maybe even for cheaper. Once the customer realizes this they are going to start purchasing that brand elsewhere.

Utilizing a loyalty program will keep your brand-loyal customers loyal to your establishment as well. With Loyal~n~Save there's no more waiting for manufacturers to offer a coupon. You are in charge of your store's specific coupons and promotions. With our team earnings and gamified earnings platform, you can sit back and watch your customer base grow as loyal customers convert friends and family into loyal customers.

Rewards Program

Frequent Customers
Frequent Customers

Reward the customers who have been coming to your business since day one. You can send out custom emails and app notifications to customers who usually come in every week to let them know you miss them and inform them of a personalized discount for their favorite product. Kind of like giving the dog a bone, don't you think?

Popular Products
Popular Products

Determine which products are selling more often and customize a campaign for it! It can allow customers to earn a certain amount of points per purchase of that product during a given time frame. These points can be redeemed as a discount on a future purchase or used in the Swag Shop for YOUR store!

Rewards and Points
Rewards and Points

Offer rewards for frequent purchases or allow your customers to rack up points from every purchase. Create campaigns that are specific to a specific brand(s), or simply make it based on the frequency of purchase. Let your customers earn a free dog treat or cat toy if they refer a friend or family member. It's up to you!

High-Impact Gamified Loyalty Program that Increases Your ROI

EAT stands for Enrollment, Activity, and Trends. These three topics are among the biggest keys for revenue growth. The more customers you Enroll in a loyalty program, the more they will Interact with your business which leads to more Activity and a higher purchase Trend when it comes to frequency and average ticket price.

  • Enrollment

    Our user-friendly interface design for both the pet retailer and the customer makes it easier for personnel to sign up customers and for the customer to find deals and point balances.

  • Activity

    The more buzz about your business the community sees, the larger your customer base will get. Reward customers for mentioning your business on social media!

  • Trends

    Now that you gave your customers a reason to come back, watch your ROI increase as they visit your pet retail store more frequently and purchase more products.

High-Impact Gamified Loyalty Program that Increases Your ROI

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  • Constant Updates
    Constant Updates

    We are making regular updates to our user platforms to keep up with new technology and practices

  • Personalization

    Our fully-customizable loyalty program and campaigns make it easier for you to convert loyal customers.

  • 24/7 Support
    24/7 Support

    Enjoy tech, system, and user support anytime and anywhere with 24/7 access to our team of loyalty experts.

Platform Features

Watch your customers do the work as they convert more and more people into loyal customers and turn your pet store into the go-to place for pet items in the area! With a fully branded loyalty program that rewards your customers for purchases, visit frequency and whatever else you choose!. there's no reason why they would want to go elsewhere. Incentivize specific behaviors with personalized campaigns based on popular (or not so popular) brands, new products, and customer habits. Allow customers to advertise your brand by adding special loyalty only swag items such as leashes and collars, food bowls, pet toys, etc. that can be purchased directly through their Loyal~n~Save app using rewards points.

Platform Features

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