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Amplify your customer's experience with a gamified loyalty program for restaurants and bars. Customer retention starts with a great loyalty program, and Loyal~n~Save gives you the ability to customize a program to fit your specific needs. Start watching your ROI increase as old customers become regulars and new customers start pouring through the doors.

Restaurant Loyalty Program

Restaurant Loyalty Program

Earn Your Customers' Loyalty

Up until now, you thought all you needed was high-quality food and impeccable service to keep your customers coming back. In today's world, however, there are too many competitors and options to choose from. People have stopped eating out and instead are ordering take-out or heating up frozen meals. So how do you get them to come dine-in at YOUR restaurant?

You need a customer loyalty program that is going to reward your patrons for not only dining-in, but for ordering their favorite dishes, coming in frequently, and for participating in happy hour specials. You can customize your loyalty program to reward your customers in as many ways as you can think of.

Rewards Program

New Menu Items
New Menu Items

Give customers more of a reason to try something new your restaurant has to offer. Start a campaign that offers a discount or extra points on a new menu item, or give out a completely free dessert or appetizer with the purchase of an entrée. Get customer feedback by sending customers who participated in the campaign a survey after their visit!

First-Time Customers
First-Time Customers

Offer an incentive for first-time customers to come back by loading a free appetizer or dessert coupon to their loyalty account. Personalize each reward by the time of day the customer came in, what they ordered, and even what they may have inquired about.

Rewards and Points
Rewards and Points

Would you rather give your customers rewards coupons after visiting your restaurant a select number of times, or would you rather let them rack up points with every meal and allow them to redeem those points for cash towards meals? Would you rather a mixture of both? It's up to you!

High-Impact Gamified Loyalty Program that Increases Your ROI

EAT stands for Enrollment, Activity, and Trends. These three topics are among the biggest keys to revenue growth. The more customers you Enroll, the more they will interact with your restaurant which leads to more Activity and a higher purchase Trend in regards to frequency and ticket price.

  • Enrollment

    Our user-friendly interface design for both the restaurant and customer makes it easier for personnel to sign customers up and for the customer to find deals and point balances.

  • Activity

    The more activity your customers engage in, the more you will learn about them and the better you will be able to plan out future campaigns.

  • Trends

    Now that you gave your customers a reason to come back, watch your ROI increase as they visit your restaurant more frequently and purchase more products.

High-Impact Gamified Loyalty Program that Increases Your ROI

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  • Constant Updates
    Constant Updates

    We are making regular updates to our user platforms to keep up with new technology and practices

  • Personalization

    Our fully-customizable loyalty program and campaigns make it easier for you to convert loyal customers.

  • 24/7 Support
    24/7 Support

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Platform Features

Watch your restaurant evolve into a customer attracting machine with a fully branded loyalty program that rewards your patrons for purchases, visit frequency and whatever else you choose!. Incentivize specific behaviors with personalized campaigns based on restaurant location (if you have multiple), new menu items, and customer habits. Allow customers to advertise your brand by adding special loyalty only swag items such as t-shirts, hats, cozies, etc. that can be purchased directly through their Loyal~n~Save app using rewards points.

Platform Features

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