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Not only as a stylist but also as a consumer, you know that once a person finds a stylist/salon who knows how to cut their hair the [exact] way they want it, they stick with that stylist and salon.You've already earned their trust, now it's time you give them the incentive they need to keep telling their friends, family, and community members about the great work your salon and stylists do and how incredible your loyalty program is!

Salon Loyalty Program

Salon Loyalty Program

What can a loyalty program do for you?

Every salon has their peak times and slow times. It's often necessary to turn away appointments or book them for weeks after their supposed return date during those heavily requested times. Loyal~n~Save can help you eliminate this concern by motivating flexible clients to visit during slower times. Create special campaigns that offer "Happy Hours" bonus points. Offering extra loyalty points can give the customer that extra push to book an appointment at a time they normally wouldn't, thus opening up the busier times for clients who may not be so flexible during the day.

Word-of-mouth and customer reviews are the cheapest, yet most effective, methods of pulling in new clients. Offering a point incentive for referring friends and family or for posting a review on online and social platforms will encourage more positive buzz around your salon.

Rewards Program

Frequent Customers
Frequent Customers

With the ability to create a virtual punch card using the Loyal~n~Save app, your customers will always have the "card" with them. Say goodbye to the days of "I forgot it at home, can't you still give me credit for it?". Create a campaign that rewards your frequent customers for booking an appointment every month or for trying a new service.

Stylist Specific
Stylist Specific

Offer customers who prefer a specific stylist or barber special discounts or rewards for booking with that stylist frequently. If you have a stylist who just started, give your customers a reason to try out their service(s) by creating a campaign that rewards the customer for booking a service with the new stylist.

Rewards and Points
Rewards and Points

Points earned can be redeemed for a product your salon carries or a service or you can reward you can reward your customers by letting them redeem points for extra services such as a free 10-minute shoulder massage or upgrade to gel polish with a basic manicure. How you reward customers is solely up to you.

High-Impact Gamified Loyalty Program that Increases Your ROI

EAT stands for Enrollment, Activity, and Trends. These three topics are among the biggest keys to revenue growth. The more customers you Enroll in a loyalty program, the more they will interact with your business which leads to more Activity and a higher purchase Trend when it comes to frequency and average ticket price.

  • Enrollment

    Our user-friendly interface design for both the salon and the client makes it easier for staff to sign up customers and for the customer to find deals and point balances.

  • Activity

    The more buzz about your business the community sees, the larger your customer base will get. Reward clients for mentioning your business and/or checking in on social media!

  • Trends

    Now that you gave your clients more of a reason to come back, watch your ROI increase as they book appointments with your salon more frequently and purchase more products.

High-Impact Gamified Loyalty Program that Increases Your ROI

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  • Constant Updates
    Constant Updates

    We are making regular updates to our user platforms to keep up with new technology and practices

  • Personalization

    Our fully-customizable loyalty program and campaigns make it easier for you to convert loyal customers.

  • 24/7 Support
    24/7 Support

    Enjoy tech, system, and user support anytime and anywhere with 24/7 access to our team of loyalty experts.

Platform Features

The Loyal~n~Save customer loyalty program not only encourages repeat customers, but also spur them to take other actions such as book their next appointment before they leave the salon, try out a new service, or purchase a product you carry. Send appointment reminders right from the app orto your customer's email address, you can even send push notifications to customers who haven't been to your salon in a while and incentivize them to schedule an appointment by offering a personalized discount. Give your clients the VIP treatment they deserve by including special rewards, bonuses, and campaigns for the most frequent and loyal customers.

Platform Features

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