Acquire, Engage, and Retain Consumers Through a Tattoo Shop Customer Loyalty Program

Tattoo artists view the human body as a canvas and professional body piercers are always ready to adorn their clients with jewelry in unusual places. Your customers love your work because you turn them into walking art. But just because your parlor is a no-pain, the no-gain zone doesn't mean you can't offer painless rewards every time your clients book their next appointment or purchase merchandise from your shop. Take your parlor to the next level with Loyal-n-Save, the premiere reward tokens-earning program uniquely tailored to reward your regular clients and interest new ones.

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What Can a Loyalty Program Do for Your Tattoo & Piercing Shop?

Every tattoo and piercing parlor have their peak hours and slow days. While it's great that your artists book back-to-back appointments that fill up those highly coveted time slots, it often means that other interested clients turn away. Ideally, your parlor would accommodate every single ink enthusiast that walks through the door at the appointed time of their choosing, but this isn't easily done. Loyal-n-Save can help you eliminate this pitfall by motivating flexible clients to visit during slower times.

You need a loyalty program in place that features the proper technology if you want to fill off-peak hours, retain clients, and grow your business and brand. Our digital loyalty platform enables you to create personalized campaigns straight to your clients' mobile phones. Offering discounts, deals, and even freebies will increase client retention and incentivize your loyal clients to get more tattoos, piercings, and Swag Shop merchandise.

Why You Should Choose Loyal-n-Save as a Loyalty Program Software for Tattoo Shops

As a feature-rich loyalty program, Loyal-n-Save offers a wide variety of features that help merchants successfully create and manage loyalty programs for tattoo shops.

Mobile Capabilities

The fully-featured mobile app allows merchants to easily manage all aspects of the loyalty program from your mobile phone. The same features are available in the desktop version as well, which gives merchants complete freedom to manage the loyalty program anywhere, anytime, and from any place.

Easy Implementation

You will experience the ease of the customer loyalty program while using the Loyal-n-Save app. You can manage, run, and get started with your loyalty program in a few minutes without undergoing any complicated process. Our technical team is available round the clock so that merchants can consider their help in case of any query.

API-based Loyalty Program Solution

Since Loyal-n-Save is API-based, it can be integrated with your desired POS. It doesn’t require standalone installation and configuration. It works perfectly fine with your POS and other business applications. Therefore, with Loyal-n-Save, merchants don't require any substantial operation changes.

Create Effective User Engagement

With Loyal-n-Save, you can easily engage your loyal customers by implementing a loyalty program and turning them into loyal customers. Offering the best customer experience and engaging customers will help develop meaningful relationships and in turn drive customer retention and loyalty. With useful features provided by Loyal-n-Save, you can engage customers on different channels.

High Retention Rate and Customer Loyalty

Loyal-n-Save can be leveraged to increase the participation of customers in loyalty programs and helps drive repeat sales. The solution offered by Loyal-n-Save helps increase customer satisfaction and helps drive advertising to boost customer retention and loyalty.

Loyal-n-Save Benefits Tattoo & Piercing Shops in Several Ways

When it comes to revenue growth in the body art industry, it’s all about Enrollment, Activity, and Trends, otherwise known as EAT. If this acronym is implemented correctly at your tattoo and piercing parlor, every marketing effort will be a successful one.

Enroll Customers Seamlessly with a Loyalty Program for Tattoo Shops

Joining our loyalty program is fast and easy for both the clients and the artist, thanks to the user-friendly interface design. Whether the client signs up on the app from home or the artist enrolls them at the parlor, everyone benefits with instantly-added reward tokens. Therefore, user-friendly design makes the enrolling process hassle-free for customers.

Reward Smartly Clients Through Loyalty Programs for Tattoo Shops

The greater the social media buzz about your parlor, the larger your client base will grow. Reward clients for tagging your business and using the check-in feature on social media. Tracking your clients' engagement will help you craft your next campaign to maximize sales and book appointments during off-peak hours.

Make Personalized Recommendations Based on Buying Trends

As your clients purchase the additional services and products offered at your parlor, you can monitor which promotional campaigns are hot and which are not. By leveraging this data, you can make personalized recommendations that maximize upsell opportunities and promote a sense of brand loyalty to increase your ROI.

Reward Loyalty Reward Tokens to Clients on Their Purchases

Offer reward tokens-based incentives for brand-new clients who grin and bear getting their first tattoo or piercing every time loyal clients allocate reward tokens that can be applied towards that big, bad tattoo they've had their eye on. Designing and setting up promotions is easy, and best of all, you remain in complete control of tracking reward tokens and adjusting your campaigns accordingly.

Create Personalized Campaigns to Create Impulse Purchases

Run customizable campaigns to entice your clients to purchase new and popular products you sell, such as tee shirts, hats, jewelry, and other merchandise, along with general tattoo and piercing aftercare items like salves, disinfectants, and waterproof bandages. Add items to your Swag Shop and watch your merchandise move!

Take Your Business to The Next Level

Leave your competitors behind by implementing practical and futuristic loyalty solutions that engage and retain customers while building a loyal consumer base.

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We Have a Fantastic Range of Loyal Clients

Several store owners trust Loyal-n-Save to operate their business in an efficient way and for customer satisfaction.
Take a quick look at some of the renowned businesses we have worked with:

Smokers Choice USA      CBD Source

Hear it from Our Happy Clients

Smokers Choice

Our problem solved: a way to communicate and engage with our customers on a platform they actually use. We use social media like Instagram and Facebook, but we just don't get the participation rates we want. Loyal-n-Save gives us the credibility and voice we needed to increase our customer engagement.

Smokers Choice

Vapers Choice

We were pleasantly surprised with our ROI from Loyal-n-Save. It didn't take us very long to get set up and running, and we found that customers' really enjoyed participating in our campaigns and earning from friends. It's cool too, because they were able to redeem tokens in our online Swag Shop for items that were given to us by manufacturers!

Vapers Choice


We knew that opening a restaurant meant we needed to have a loyalty program. Loyal-n-Save gave us the tools to get people into our place during those slow week nights. Plus, the detail view of our customer analytics is super helpful when identifying top customers.



There are several ways in which merchants can offer rewards to their customers:
  • Offer discounts/deals on a number of purchases
  • Create scheme based on usage of loyalty cards
  • Give away free items when customers buy multiple products
  • Invite customers to try new products
  • Reward referrals
The main reason why customers like loyalty programs is that they get the benefits of discounts, deals, rewards, and loyalty reward tokens.
Merchants receive the following benefits from a loyalty program:
  • Reward existing loyal customers
  • Reduce expenses
  • Attract new customers
  • Improve brand reputation
  • Get ahead of their competitors
  • Boost profits
  • Create a mailing list
The following are some of the common customer expectations from a loyalty program:
  • Expect to experience savings through discounts/deals
  • Expect to choose their rewards
  • Expect to feel special and cared for
  • Expect a hassle-free customer experience