Boost Sales & Reduce Marketing Costs with Team Builder's Innovative Features

Get more sales, grow your consumer base and decrease marketing costs with team builder's out-of-the-box customer referral campaigns and employee incentive programs. Build a team of superstar consumers and skyrocket your sales, revenue, and business growth.

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Grow Your Business with New-Age Referral Reward Programs

Getting more sales and amplifying a loyal consumer base is the ultimate objective for every merchant. Team Builder's unique referral campaign can gain you a loyal consumer base that will proactively refer you to their friends and family.

Rewarding your employees is one of the best ways to make them a part of your team and leverage their network to get more sales.

Employee Incentive Reward Programs also go a long way in building a high-performance team. Companies with a sales incentive program see a 3x increase in annual revenue.

While the benefits of a referral incentive program are apparent, not all merchants have the resources and knowledge to set up and manage it. Loyal-n-Save's Team Builder feature resolves that hurdle. It lets you establish a fully-customizable referral program to empower your customers and employees to get more sales.

Referral Reward Programs

How Does Team Building in Loyal-n-Save Work?

Imagine if your consumers become your brand promoters and go out of their way to increase your sales. Isn't that a dream come true? Well, Loyal-n-Save Team Builder can make it happen. The team builder feature of Loyal-n-Save enables merchants to build a loyal consumer base through word-of-mouth marketing, referral campaigns, and employee incentive programs. You can allow your customers to create a team and add members. Every time a team member makes a purchase, the customer earns a percentage of their reward tokens. Customers can add an infinite number of friends and family to their team and earn rewards for up to five levels.

Register Your Store

Our API Integration allows you to seamlessly integrate our software with your POS system. Register your store on Loyal-n-Save. Our team will help you get started and explain to you all the features of our software and how they can benefit your business. All Loyal-n-Save users get full access to the team builder feature, and we will help you understand the team builder tool more considerably.

Train Cashiers to Add Team Members

Encourage your cashiers to explain the benefits of Team Builder and add them to their team. Customers can create a team by referring your store and adding members to their team to earn extra reward tokens. Each customer can add team members under them, creating an extensive network and getting incentives when they or their team members (a percentage of their reward tokens) purchase.

Set Incentives

Loyal-n-Save enables each customer to earn incentives for up to five levels. Whenever a customer's member makes a sale at your store, both the member and the person who added them get reward tokens that can be redeemed in the future for exclusive merchandise, discounts, etc.Your customers can add as many friends as they want by referring your store and earn reward tokens from referrals.

Reward Your Employees and Reduce Iterations

When you use the Team Builder to add customers to their team and earn incentives when they make purchases, your employees can get attached and motivated to your store. This way, your employees will make an extra effort to execute the sale in the best way possible and get more consumers to sign in to team builder. Employees are less likely to leave because they will be rewarded consistently.

Benefits of Team Builder for Your Business

Rewarding your customers is instrumental to driving word-of-mouth marketing and generating sales and revenue. You can also implement employee reward and incentive programs, which offer more than just more sales. Here's why all merchants should use Loyal-n-Save Team Builder for their businesses.

More Sales and Revenue

Word-of-mouth advertising through Loyal-n-Save's innovative referral programs directly contributes to escalated sales and revenue, resulting in faster and more sustainable business growth.

innovative referral programs
Increased Employee Engagement

Increased Employee Engagement

Employee engagement is directly proportional to employee performance. The Loyal-n-Save Team Builder feature helps you increase employee engagement and happiness.

Collaborative Environment

Offering employee incentives promotes workplace collaboration. A collaborative environment contributes to higher employee performance, more sales, and an increase in brand awareness.

Employee incentive programs
Increased Employee Retention

Increased Employee Retention

Employees are less likely to leave an organization that offers incentives. Employee incentive programs reduce employee turnover and increase retention.

Happier Customers Reduce Your Marketing Costs

Customers tend to be happier when you reward them by allowing them to refer other customers and earn more rewards, even when they're not shopping themselves. Giving customers the freedom to build their team boosts their engagement satisfaction and encourages them to refer more customers.

Customers Reduce Your Marketing Costs
Team Builder feature

Exceed Revenue Goals

It’s no secret that sales reps tend to exceed their sales quotas more when incentivized. The Team Builder feature enables you to include employees in your sales efforts, resulting in a reoccurring revenue stream.

Faster Business Growth

Loyal-n-Save Team Builder helps you drive more sales and revenue, resulting in higher customer acquisition and faster and long-term business growth.

Faster Business Growth

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Why Choose Loyal-n-Save for Referral Programs?

Loyal-n-Save is the go-to choice for merchants for implementing referral programs. Here are some reasons to choose Loyal-n-Save Team Builder for your incentive program.

Social Selling

In this era of social selling, Team Builder allows you to enable your customers, cashiers, and team members to build relationships, increase brand awareness and sales, and reap the benefits of rewards.

Social Selling
referral incentive program

Incentives Up to Five Levels

Customers can earn incentives up to five levels and multiply their rewards. With Loyal-n-Save, you can offer generous rewards to your customers that keep them engaged with your brand.

Employee Incentive Programs

Loyal-n-Save Team Builder is a powerful method to boost employee performance and satisfaction. This feature helps you deploy an employee incentive program to reward your employees for the sales they make.

employee incentive program
easy-to-implement referral program

Easy Setup

Team Builder is a simple and easy-to-implement referral program solution. A few minutes is all it takes to get your referral program up and running.

Two Types of Incentive Structures

Loyal-n-Save Team Builder allows you to choose from a multi-level incentive structure and a traditional loyalty program.

traditional loyalty program

We Have a Fantastic Range of Loyal Clients

Several store owners trust Loyal-n-Save to operate their business in an efficient way and for customer satisfaction.
Take a quick look at some of the renowned businesses we have worked with:

Smokers Choice USA     CBD Source

Hear it from Our Happy Clients

Smokers Choice

Our problem solved: a way to communicate and engage with our customers on a platform they actually use. We use social media like Instagram and Facebook, but we just don't get the participation rates we want. Loyal-n-Save gives us the credibility and voice we needed to increase our customer engagement.

Smokers Choice

Vapers Choice

We were pleasantly surprised with our ROI from Loyal-n-Save. It didn't take us very long to get set up and running, and we found that customers' really enjoyed participating in our campaigns and earning from friends. It's cool too, because they were able to redeem tokens in our online Swag Shop for items that were given to us by manufacturers!

Vapers Choice


We knew that opening a restaurant meant we needed to have a loyalty program. Loyal-n-Save gave us the tools to get people into our place during those slow week nights. Plus, the detail view of our customer analytics is super helpful when identifying top customers.



Yes, all merchants and retail businesses need a referral program regardless of their team size and revenue. Companies of all sizes can benefit from well-managed incentive programs.
Yes, the Loyal-n-Save mobile app allows you to manage your customer rewards program from your phone. Members can easily stay updated with the Team Builder's performance anytime, anywhere.
Loyal-n-Save offers both multi-level and referral incentive structures, and both approaches are equally effective. The system you choose should depend on your team size and preferences. We recommend implementing both multi-level and referral incentive structures simultaneously for the best results.