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Loyal-n-Save takes customer loyalty to a whole new level! Not only does it engage your existing customers, but its unique marketing approach creates hordes of new customers.

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About Us
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Who We Are

Loyal-n-Save is a part of the FasTrax enterprise suite of software solutions. Loyal-n-Save was designed to help retailers boost customer engagement and grow their existing customer base. What makes Loyal-n-Save unique is the way in which it rewards loyal customers for their word of mouth referrals.

Loyal-n-Save allows retailers to assign a percentage of reward tokens to their customers who refer friends and family members to their store. Each customer who creates a team of fellow shoppers is eligible to earn special team reward tokens based on their team members purchases. Retailers can choose to award rewards for both credit card and cash purchases or cash only purchases.

Why We Do What We Do

Loyal customers should be rewarded for both their continued patronage and becoming brand ambassadors. Loyal-n-Save makes it possible for all retailers, no matter how big or small, to create loyalty programs that are mutually beneficial for their stores and their customers. We are dedicated to helping our clients grow through the use of Loyal-n-Save, just look at how many happy customers and clients we have!


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Company History

We are seasoned retailers, innovators, ideators, and achievers who believe in converting challenges into opportunities.

Founders | Innovators | Ideators

Loyal-n-Save is owned and operated by Darren Schwartz and Doug Nolan, who also co-own FasTrax Solutions. FasTrax Solutions specializes in retail POS, warehouse management systems, and digital marketing solutions. Each solution is designed to function as a separate application while also integrating seamlessly with each other to form a total enterprise solution.

Founders | Innovators | Ideators
Innovative Solutions

Innovative Solutions

Loyal-n-Save's unique customer loyalty program is the crown jewel in FasTrax's premium package of software applications. The motivation behind creating Loyal-n-Save was to offer retailers a loyalty solution that was both innovative and readily accessible no matter how big or small their operations.


Loyal-n-Save's executive team has more than 60-plus years of combined experience in the fields of retail, wholesale, and technology. Owning and operating a successful chain with more than 50 retail locations throughout New York and Pennsylvania has given us the insight to deliver real solutions for the problems retailers face. We wanted to create a loyalty program that our own customers would want to participate in.


Why Choose Loyal-n-Save For Your Business?

“Everyone uses loyalty programs; it’s not new. Even consumers know that retailers or companies offer reward tokens to keep them returning. Loyal-n-Save is different. We go beyond conventional loyalty methods and have created unique tools to acquire new consumers and keep current consumers engaged and retained. Loyal-n-Save enables you to deploy proven strategies to increase customer engagement.”

Out of Box Approach

We offer merchants the power to implement their strategies and empower them with tools like campaign builders, which allows them to build loyalty campaigns and track the growth of their campaigns over a period of time.

Digitized Loyalty with Loyal-n-Save Merchant Apps

A digitized loyalty campaign allows merchants to avoid errors and losses due to discrepancies in manual punch cards and other identity theft issues. With Loyal-n-Save apps for merchants, we enable mobility and flexibility for merchants. Merchants can manage and track their loyalty campaigns on the go from anywhere and anytime.

Scan Data Loyalty

For tobacco retailers, our custom-made scan data loyalty support helps manage and track the entire scan data loyalty process from one portal without paying a third party to manage scan data and incentives. Moreover, we constantly stay updated with new guidelines of manufacturers like Altria and RJ Reynolds.

We Have a Fantastic Range of Loyal Clients

Several store owners trust Loyal-n-Save to operate their business in an efficient way and for customer satisfaction.
Take a quick look at some of the renowned businesses we have worked with:

Smokers Choice USA      CBD Source

Hear it from Our Happy Clients

Smokers Choice

Our problem solved: a way to communicate and engage with our customers on a platform they actually use. We use social media like Instagram and Facebook, but we just don't get the participation rates we want. Loyal-n-Save gives us the credibility and voice we needed to increase our customer engagement.

Smokers Choice

Vapers Choice

We were pleasantly surprised with our ROI from Loyal-n-Save. It didn't take us very long to get set up and running, and we found that customers' really enjoyed participating in our campaigns and earning from friends. It's cool too, because they were able to redeem tokens in our online Swag Shop for items that were given to us by manufacturers!

Vapers Choice


We knew that opening a restaurant meant we needed to have a loyalty program. Loyal-n-Save gave us the tools to get people into our place during those slow week nights. Plus, the detail view of our customer analytics is super helpful when identifying top customers.