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A Clothing Retail Loyalty Program That
Drives Engagement

What keeps your customers coming back? In clothing retail, it starts with the product and customer experience. But a loyalty program for shoppers is a powerful tool that can transform customer retention.

Here’s why:

Keep customers coming back by offering discounts, deals, and even freebies. A clothing loyalty program will not only increase customer retention but also drive up your average order value. Increasing sales and profitability has never been more in vogue!

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Why Use a Clothing Retail
Rewards Program?

Loyal-n-Save lets you customize your rewards program for your clothing retail business. You choose the rewards and earning structure. Some rewards you might consider include:

Get In Touch
Shopping Perks

Shopping Perks

Invite customers to experiment with fresh new styles by running a campaign specific to this season's must-haves. Offer seasonal discounts, extra reward tokens, or even a free accessory.

Smart Promotions

Smart Promotions

Run customizable campaigns to entice your customers to splurge on the latest trends and rampage the clearance rack. Our platform makes loading a promotional deal fast and easy, and best of all, your customers will feel like they have a personal shopper in their pocket every time a push notification alerts them to a targeted campaign.

Offer Reward Tokens

Offer Reward Tokens

With Loyal-n-Save, the more you reward your customers, the greater the return for your clothing store. You remain in total control of your promotions, and your loyal customers aren't the only ones who earn reward tokens every time they buy. Thanks to our tiered rewards system, the entire sales team benefits, from associates to managers.

Personalization and Constant Updates

Personalization and Constant Updates

Our fully customizable loyalty program and campaigns make it easier for you to convert loyal customers. You can leverage special tools to offer your loyal and VIP consumers personalized deals and services. The best part is that we are regularly updating our user platforms to keep up with new technology and practices.

24/7 Support

24/7 Support

Loyal-n-Save understands the importance of support for a business owner like you and how it can be critical for your business. Over the years, Loyal-n-Save has created a highly skilled team and infrastructure to provide its clients with on-demand support, be it tech, system, or user support. Get your issues resolved anytime and anywhere, 24/7, through our team of loyalty experts.

Benefits of Gamified Loyalty Programs
for Clothing Businesses

Launch a loyalty program that works. Then, enjoy these key benefits:

Drive Growth with a Clothing Shop Rewards Program

Leave your competitors and build a strong customer experience. Launch your apparel brand’s loyalty
program today.

We Have a Fantastic Range of Loyal Clients

Several store owners trust Loyal-n-Save to operate their business in an efficient way and for customer satisfaction.
Take a quick look at some of the renowned businesses we have worked with:

What Our Happy Customers Say

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Our problem solved: a way to communicate and engage our customers on a platform they actually use. We use social media like Instagram and Facebook, but we just don’t get the participation rates we want. Loyal-n-Save gives us the credibility and voice we needed to increase our customer engagement.

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Below are some commonly asked questions:

Loyal-n-Save offers a user-friendly enrollment process. Your shoppers can enroll through the app, in-store at checkout, or online. You can use lookup tools to add reward tokens to their balance as well.

Within Loyal-n-Save, you can create a Swag Shop with exclusive products and rewards. Your customers can then redeem rewards for Swag Shop items. They can also redeem rewards on transactions.

Loyalty programs reward repeat purchases, making customers more likely to choose your store over competitors. Think exclusive discounts, points that accumulate towards exciting rewards, or early access to sales. Plus, every purchase becomes valuable data. Track customer preferences, tailor recommendations, and send personalized offers that resonate, strengthening relationships and driving sales.