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Grow loyalty program customer engagement:


Promote new products to your loyalty audience


Use text, email and push notifications to reach your audience


Grow strong connections with valuable (and enticing) rewards


Offer multi-level incentives that reward engagement


Provide rewards for repeat business (and drive up LTV)


Driving Customer Engagement with Loyalty

When it comes to engagement, we know what works. In Loyal-n-Save, get the tools you need
to consistently drive engagement.

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Omnichannel Loyalty Programs

Omnichannel Loyalty

Purchase frequency is 250% higher for omnichannel campaigns. With Loyal-n-Save, engage your customers where they are: At checkout, email, social media and more.

Customer engagement loyalty program

Reward Top Performers

Customers who actively participate deserve special treatment. In Loyal-n-Save, create perks for top customers to encourage repeat business.

Loyalty rewards program

Promote Your Incentives

Launch new rewards and promote them with your audience. Offering new rewards keeps customers interested and coming back for more.

Personalized shopping experience

Offer Personalized Experiences

More than 70% of customers feel frustrated if the shopping experience is not personal. In Loyal-n-Save, you can personalize messaging and your rewards for your audience.

Customer Loyalty

Build Strong Relationships

Loyal-n-Save lets you see how customers interact with your brand; use these insights to fine-tune your program.

Why Use Loyal-n-Save for User Engagement?

User engagement is the holy grail of customer retention. However, over 60% of customers expect tailored
engagement, making it crucial for brands to re-think their strategy.

Maximize Participation

Loyal-n-Save makes it easy to onboard your customers. Simply get their name and phone / email, and viola, you’ve added a new loyalty member. Or use ID scans to automate the process.

Drive Engagement

Send push notifications and emails to activate your customers. Or build automated campaigns to celebrate milestones or win-back dormant accounts.

Higher Retention

Find insights into what works and use that data to generate long-term success. Loyal customers = increased lifetime value.

Get New Customers

Drive word-of-mouth marketing by rewarding referrals and grow your customer base significantly.


Below are some commonly asked questions:

Customer engagement plays a vital role in retaining customers and turning them into loyal brand advocates. Nowadays, customers have too many options to choose from, and they choose brands that provide consistent and relevant attention.

Businesses need to meet their customers where they are: Social media, text, email, in-store. Without an omnichannel approach, businesses miss valuable opportunities.

Customer engagement is directly proportional to business growth. When customers are engaged, they participate in meaningful interactions with your business, resulting in more sales. Furthermore, engaged customers are highly likely to recommend your company to others.

Campaign Builder helps you run engaging promotions, and omnichannel marketing helps you drive activity with push or email notifications. You can also use Swag Shops and Team Builder to generate engagement.