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Customer Retention: The Ultimate Growth Strategy

Did you know that your customers have already formed an opinion about your brand? It's true, and it's also more complicated than that. The fact of the matter is that their opinion of you is in a constant state of evolving.


How To Get the Most Out of Your Loyalty?

With Loyal-n-Save's premium loyalty card and app, you can take advantage of deals and promotions by creating teams. With Loyal-n-Save, you can earn tokens every time you make a purchase, and with teams, you can earn a percentage of your teammate's tokens whenever they make any purchase, too.


Gamification: How To Play And Win Big

Now, you can turn shopping into a team sport using the Loyal-n-Save app. All you need to do is download the app, sign up, and start using it whenever you make a purchase.


How To Climb the Leaderboard?

With the Loyal-n-Save loyalty program, you can turn shopping into a team sport. You can participate in various deals and can earn more than 10x tokens on certain products. With this loyalty program, you can shop and earn tokens every time you or your team member makes a purchase.


Ways to Redeem Your Hard-Earned Tokens with the Loyal-n-Save App

First of all, if you are a new user, then you need to sign up with the Loyal-n-Save loyalty program. If you wish, you can also visit a participating store and sign-up in that store, which will help you earn loyalty tokens right away by making any purchase.


An Enhanced Business Model for Customer Loyalty?

In this write-up, we will walk you through how to calculate the best value to set your program points and enhance your business model for customer loyalty. The three elements that contribute to an enhanced business model are a points model, a simple rewards program, and calculating rewards program liability.


The Best Loyalty App Features to Help You Earn and Win

Earn loyalty tokens, coupons, and discounts every time you shop with the Loyal-n-Save app. You can download this app, sign-up, and earn loyalty tokens for every purchase thanks to the many useful features that let teams and users enjoy loyalty tokens every time they shop.


Earning Rewards: Compete, Play, And Win

If you have installed the Loyal-n-Save app, you earn loyalty tokens whenever you make qualifying purchases from your favourite stores. You can participate in deals in which you can earn more than 10x tokens.


Building A Team: How to Earn Double the Rewards

In the Loyal-n-Save loyalty program, you can create a team and earn tokens whenever you make a purchase; even when you are not shopping, if any of your team members make a purchase, this will earn you tokens.


Redeem Your Tokens by Shopping for Exclusive Merchandise from the Swag Shop

Using your hard-earned loyalty tokens, you can shop from the Swag Shop and get exclusive manufacturer merchandise and products. Let's talk briefly about how the Swag Shop can prove to be beneficial for loyal customers who use the Loyal-n-Save loyalty program.


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