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Get The Results You’ve Been Looking For

Loyal-n-Save simplifies your data, making it easier to keep up with your
campaign performance, analyze customer and product trends, and make
business decisions.


See Your Success In Action

We value data at every stage. With your loyalty dashboard, you’ll be able to monitor campaign performance, new sign-ups, redeemed rewards, and much more!


Access Your Data From Anywhere

View your insights from any web browser to see loyalty campaign performance. Use filters for in-depth analytics and to see how your program is growing.


Measure And Improve Customer Loyalty With Our Rich Reporting Tool

Analyze your data to learn how stores and employees are performing with sign-ups and other loyalty campaigns.

We offer a wide range of customizable reporting options
to help you reach your business goals

Get Detailed Reports On

Campaigns, Items, Customers, Stores, Employees, Assets.

Boost Retention & Acquisition

Measure the effectiveness of your enticing deals, incentives, and rewards to maximize your reach.

Build Campaigns That Work

Optimize your loyalty campaigns to help drive sales and achieve better results.

Know Who Your Customers Are

Loyal-n-Save provides a variety of ways to understand your customers, so you can spend more time figuring out what to do next.

Spend Less Time Putting Together Weekly Reports

Need to create repetitive daily or weekly reports on your loyalty performance? We've got you covered with a fast way to find and generate reports. Our favorite reports tab puts all of your must-have data just a click away. No more searching, no more filters, no more hassle. Simply choose your favorite report and watch it run. Say hello to efficiency and goodbye to wasted time.