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Boost Sales with Team Builder

A Referral Program That Works

Team Builder supercharges growth by incentivizing referrals. With Team Builder, customers and employees
get rewarded when they refer customers and earn rewards when their “teammates” shop. The result:
Growing sales and reduced acquisition costs.

Referral program for employees

Team Builder: An Overview

With Team Builder, customers and employees refer their friends and grow a network. When a referral makes
a purchase, the team “captain” gets a reward.

Users can add an infinite number of friends and family and earn tier-based rewards. The larger the team,
the more rewards the captain can earn. It’s simple and it works.

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Register Your Store

Register your store on Loyal-n-Save and integrate it with your POS. We’ll help you get started.

Train Your Staff

Encourage your cashiers and loyal members to get friends and family to join their teams and start earning rewards.

Set Incentives

As a captain’s team grows, so do their rewards, encouraging growth with tier-based rewards.

Reward Employees

Use Team Builder to motivate your employees to promote your loyalty program. It’s a win-win. You get more sales and your employees earn incentives.

Benefits of Team Builder

Rewarding referrals and incentivizing employees drives word-of-mouth marketing and grows your business.

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Launch a Referral Program with Team Builder

Grow and scale a referral program that’s proven to work.

Social Selling

Empower your customers and cashiers to build relationships, increase brand awareness and sales.

Leveled Incentives

Team Builder rewards top performers, allowing them to multiply their rewards as their team grows.

Employee Engagement

Give your employees a reason to sign up new loyalty members and earn long-term rewards and perks.

Easy Setup

Simple, easy-to-implement referral programs. A few minutes is all it takes to get your referral program up and running.


Below are some commonly asked questions:

Yes, all merchants and retail businesses need a referral program regardless of their team size and revenue.

Yes, the Loyal-n-Save mobile app allows you to manage your customer rewards program from your phone. Members can easily stay updated with the Team Builder's performance anytime, anywhere.

Loyal-n-Save offers both multi-level and referral incentive structures, and both approaches are equally effective. The system you choose should depend on your team size and preferences. We recommend implementing both multi-level and referral incentive structures simultaneously for the best results.