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What Is EAIV?

Say goodbye to unauthorized access and protect your business with EAIV – the electronic age and identity verification system.

By comparing customer-provided personal information against reliable databases like DMV records, vital records, and property records, EAIV ensures that age-restricted products and coupons are kept out of reach for minors.

But that's not all - once customers are approved by EAIV, they unlock a world of exclusive offers and can start to access coupons for top brands like Skoal, Marlboro, Copenhagen, and more, while you enjoy extra incentives for each EAIV approval!

How Can Customers Get EAIV Verified?

Customers can easily get EAIV approval in minutes through the Loyal-n-Save app, using our age and identity verification integration, FTx Identity.

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Offer Exclusive Coupons That
Customers Can’t Resist

Once customers are EAIV approved, they gain access to a new tab within your store details, 21+ offers, which host manufacturer digital coupons from Altria.

Each time a customer participates in the 21+ offers, you earn an extra incentive just for their participation. It’s that easy!

Set Up Surprise Coupons Or
Tokens For Your Customers

Send a special thank you reward for customers who get age-verified within the Loyal-n-Save app. Simply set your desired value as a token amount or coupon and once EAIV approved, the reward will instantly be added to your customer's loyalty account.

Automate Customers To
Money-Saving Offers

Customers can toggle on their notifications to be alerted of new coupons and deals that are being offered exclusively through Altria’s scan data programs!