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How Does an Umbrella Loyalty Program Work?

An umbrella loyalty program is similar to a coalition loyalty program. However, the focus is on multi-store
and retailers that manage related brands, rather than a coalition of unrelated brands. With an umbrella
program, you create a single loyalty program to maximize impact and simplify management.

Register Your

First, merchants register on Loyal-n-Save. Once registered, merchants are eligible for the umbrella loyalty program.

Configure Your Umbrella
Loyalty Program

Next, connect all the stores you want to include under your umbrella and set rules and criteria for your umbrella loyalty program.

Offer Irresistible Benefits
to Consumers

Once configured, make your umbrella program live. Your customers can now earn and redeem rewards at any location.

What Types of Brands Should Use
Umbrella Loyalty Programs?

Umbrella loyalty programs are ideal for: Multi-brand
organizations and coalitions of related brands. This allows the
umbrella group to create, promote and manage a single loyalty
program and allows customers to redeem rewards at any
location within the umbrella group.

Benefits of an Umbrella Loyalty Program

An umbrella loyalty program unifies your rewards program, simplifies management,
and give your customers ways to earn rewards (and stay engaged).

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Why Choose Loyal-n-Save for Umbrella Loyalty Programs?

Create, manage and customize your umbrella rewards program with Loyal-n-Save.


Below are some commonly asked questions:

This eliminates unhealthy competition and allows retailers to gain engagement benefits, regardless of the store in which a consumer redeems their rewards.

Yes, you can. If you want to partner with another brand and offer a coalition loyalty program, the umbrella loyalty program feature lets you do that. You can add multiple brands under your umbrella to provide various options to your consumers.

If you allow your consumers to redeem their rewards from only one store, they may lose interest. Offering multiple options helps to keep them engaged.

That's perfectly fine. Most retailers run successful loyalty programs with one store, and so can you. When you grow, your loyalty program can grow with you!