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Use Your Swag Shop to Grow

Swag Shops are a great way to reward customers and generate brand impressions (when they wear your gear).

Promote with Merch

Offer exclusive or special items in your Swag Shop and encourage customers to spend reward tokens on them.

Reward Consumers Directly

Enable customers to spend rewards right in the Loyal-n-Save app and get products delivered to their homes.

See How It Works

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How Does the Swag Shop Work?

Swag Shop is a custom feature in Loyal-n-Save. You post items in your Swag Shop and set rewards goals to earn them. Customers can then use their rewards to “purchase” swag.

Exclusive swag drives engagement. And indirectly, it helps you strengthen your brand and turn customers into advocates.

Add items to the Swag Shop in LNS

Why Use Swag Shop?

Give your customers one-of-a-kind merch that drives real attention.


Below are some commonly asked questions:

Swag Shop is great for giving your customers cool gear to redeem tokens with. This gives your customers cool items to earn, rather than just discounts or free product.

Swag Shop lets you offer your customers a wide range of products. Branded T-shirts, hats and hoodies are popular, as are items like coolers, koozies, and lighters.