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How Does Convenience Store Scan Data Boost Your Tobacco Sales?

How Does Convenience Store Scan Data Boost Your Tobacco Sales?

By obtaining rebates from programs like the Altria scan data loyalty program and the RJ Reynolds scan data program, businesses using convenience store cigarette scan data are able to enhance their tobacco sales. These programs use discounts to increase sales volume, and you are reimbursed for them. Therefore, if you have high levels of customer loyalty, providing them one dollar per transaction that will eventually be refunded to you will drastically increase the value of your loyal customers. Therefore, your sales will increase and your customers will feel more appreciated the more traffic you have.

How Does It Work?

Does it appear too good to be true? Well, there are some conditions. Some are mentioned below:

  • Sign an agreement with your vendors
  • Price the products in accordance with the contract terms
  • Tobacco sales submissions are made weekly
  • Quarterly refunds
  • Choose an efficient POS system to scan data
  • Altria scan data multipack and loyalty program certification
  • RJ Reynolds scan data multipack and loyalty program certification

With a strong loyalty program integrated into your POS system, you can start selling right away. Additionally, make sure your processor keeps track of all the payments you get from your customers and is aware of everything pertaining to your rebate. Of course, it should continue to be overseen by someone who can evaluate everything. In many cases, the program may be tedious at first. Therefore, picking a trustworthy and efficient partner is advised. An effective scan data POS can increase sales and provide your customers with significant cost savings.

Make sure the POS system has experience with Altria and RJ Reynolds scan data accreditations. FTx POS is your one-stop solution that provides retailers with distinctive scan data tracking results. You will be able to compete with the pioneer tobacco retail chains if you integrate FTx Loyalty solutions with the Altria and RJ Reynolds tobacco scan data programs.

Major Reasons to Choose Tobacco Scan Data Loyalty Programs

Customer traffic, basket size, and margin management are key factors in choosing tobacco scan data loyalty programs. You can keep up your competitiveness by considering these factors. 20 to 30% of a convenience store’s sales are cigarettes. Customers using tobacco rebate programs are regular shoppers and know they will find them at all stores.

Although cigarette margins are not very high, the enormous volume increases profit. Dealers are able to compete on prices without compromising the margin by using cigarette rebate programs. Tobacco producers use tobacco scan data to verify each sale and refund discounts to convenience store owners. This is how the margins are increased.

Competitors Using Tobacco Scan Data Programs

Of course, the big companies already use tobacco scan data loyalty programs. This is one reason why your store lags if you haven’t gotten your hands on one. Customers search for value and are conscious of prices.

Tobacco Traffic is Repetitive

A major reason customers frequently visit your store is the consistent purchases. The need to get fuel can occur at the same time. Losing the sale can lead to losing the sale of the other. Therefore, it is important to prevent your customers from switching to large chains with tobacco clubs and incentives.

Offer Them Good Loyalty Programs

The Altria scan data loyalty program and the RJ Reynolds scan data loyalty program are great loyalty programs that offer additional discounts to your loyal customers through buydowns. They eliminate the need for third-party services and help you easily track and record sales for accurate reporting.

How Does a Tobacco Scan Data Incentive Program Help C-Store Owners?

Although many people ignore the special discounts, c-stores heavily rely on the sales of tobacco products. By incorporating scan data into your present POS system and signing up for the right scan data program, you can get rid of this.

A tobacco scan data incentive program benefits a convenience store in the following ways:

Collect Customer Analytics

According to McKinsey & Company, an underused asset of c-store owners is the chance to optimize their supply chain and enhance their understanding of their customers. Convenience stores fall behind the competition when they do not have scan data to make informed decisions. When a POS system scans a product, it collects scan data used to measure and assess reports. The reports review customer behavior and purchase patterns in a specific period and help the store owner make better decisions. Scan data facilitates the implementation of additional business changes, such as purchasing and distribution, store branding, personalized offers and campaigns, and financial decision-making. It helps you draft a suitable customer loyalty program that offers reasonable discounts and sales to encourage purchases and boost sales.

Easy Integration

Loyal-n-Save loyalty solutions help align your store with Altria and RJ Reynolds tobacco scan data guidelines, helping store owners automatically track and report their sales figures and obtain rebates. You can offer amazing customer benefits, attract more sales, and gain revenue by integrating the scan data program.


Scan data offers unified integration to promote tobacco products’ sales and increase a secondary revenue source. It allows convenience store owners to enjoy efficient analytics with no time spent on training. The c-store can create required reporting files that should be submitted to Altria and RJ Reynolds. It can easily be installed into your POS system. If you want to link your loyalty solutions to your POS system, contact us today!

This article was written by Loyal-n-Save, an omni-channel customer loyalty solution for retailers looking to increase customer retention and new customer acquisition.


Yes. It depends on the package you have selected.

It helps retailers collect customer data and share it with manufacturers to draft better loyalty programs and create a loyal customer base for the retailers.

Yes, Loyal-n-Save offers post-installation services. We have a knowledgeable customer support team that can address all of your inquiries.

Yes. When retailers take note of their purchase patterns and preferences, they take instant steps to increase customer retention rates. They also enhance customer acquisition rates using the right campaigns.


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Posted on Jul 26, 2022


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How Does Convenience Store Scan Data Boost Your Tobacco Sales?

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