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How to Build a Loyalty Program for a Vape or E-Cigarette Store

The electronic substitute for conventional cigarettes has become a competitive market online. According to Forbes, e-cigarette sales will surpass traditional cigarette sales by 2047. You have an industry that will dominate the gigantic tobacco sector. Undoubtedly, the sales are rising both offline and online, making the latter a part of the $2.85 billion market. That said, online stores have to be very dynamic when it comes to vape shop loyalty programs. To make an effective loyalty program, you should reward different customer behaviors and develop a loyal community for your brand.

Here’s How to Develop a Vape Shop Loyalty Program:

Launch a VIP Membership Program

You can excite your customers by offering them something others are not getting. Choosing a tiered rewards system is a good way to motivate repeat purchases as the customers know that the more they spend, the more they’ll earn. If you want to develop a tiered loyalty rewards program, you can follow the Sephora Beauty Insider program. Every member receives purchase rewards, free birthday items, and holiday discounts. With a tier-based rewards system, they get more perks such as free shipping on purchases, birthday gifts, better holiday discounts, and quick access to new releases. If you choose a tiered-based tobacco store rewards program, you can make your customers more engaged and loyal to your brand.

Team Builder Referral Campaigns

What if you made your customers your brand promoters and offered them incentives to go out of their way to make sales? If you choose a team building referral program, you can develop a loyal customer base that offers word-of-mouth marketing and participates in referral campaigns and incentive programs. The customer has to create a team and add members. Every time someone buys something, they earn reward tokens. This can go very well with vape purchases, as often friends and colleagues smoke in groups. The referrer and referee both win reward tokens that can be redeemed for discounts or merchandise.

A Digital Loyalty App

Digital loyalty apps have been quite popular these days. Digital loyalty apps have been quite popular these days. They work as an amazing marketing tool, especially because they motivate current consumers to spend money on your product with the promise of a free item or discount.

  • It helps customers check the reward tokens they have accrued
  • You can add a game element to an app by implementing functions like progress bars and goals
  • It helps users track their progress and it shows how further engagement can boost their rewards

Developers can create the app and integrate it easily with any POS system. As it is integrated with your POS, you can assess the purchasing pattern, reward tokens, and other data insights of the customer as they purchase items.

Set Up Swag Shops

Using Loyal-n-Save retail loyalty programs for tobacco stores, retailers can set up Swag Shops to boost valuable behaviors. Using Swag Shop, you can allow customers to set goals and earn reward tokens that can be redeemed in the future. Swag Shop helps merchants increase brand exposure, income, and customer loyalty. With a customer-oriented environment, you can easily add products to your Swag Shop and operate your business effectively, gaining customer satisfaction and trust.

Gamify Your Loyalty Program

You know how much people like to play free mobile games. Addictive mobile games have their own charms. Functions like unlocked rewards or time limits make people play the game repeatedly. Adding games to your loyalty program is a good way to enhance engagement. Some ways to gamify a loyalty program are as follows:

  • Organize competitions where customers can see their rankings compared to others
  • Put in rewards for the winner of the game and let customers unlock bonus reward tokens now and then
  • Set up a tiered rewards program to help customers get better rewards or discounts as they earn reward tokens

Create a Happy Hour Promotion

Do you experience low traffic on specific days or specific hours? Often, restaurants suffer from this issue. The best solution to this problem is a happy hour promotion. Offering discounts or higher reward tokens at specific hours of the day can increase traffic in the slow hours and enhance engagement. Happy hours work well for tobacco stores. You can offer double reward tokens when you have minimal sales to increase traffic.


Using the best tobacco store rewards program impacts your bottom line and enhances your business. It will help you outrun your competitors, create brand awareness, and make your marketing strategies more impactful. Pick the best rewards program to go beyond transactional relationships and develop deeper connections with your customers to eliminate competition.

This article was written by Loyal-n-Save, an omni-channel customer loyalty solution for retailers looking to increase customer retention and new customer acquisition.


Yes, reward tokens should have an expiration date to prompt customers to make purchases as soon as possible.

Reward tokens can be redeemed in the following ways:

  • At the register
  • In the Swag Shop
  • Employees can also be offered a custom payout

The setup cost depends on the type of loyalty program you have chosen and your business size.

  • Study your customers
  • Prepare a customer loyalty program
  • Have a budget in place
  • Set goals
  • Choose your target customers
  • Pick strategies to motivate customer loyalty


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Posted on Jun 28, 2022


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