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How to Run a Successful Salon-Centric Loyalty Program: The Ultimate Guide

Have you ever questioned the need for salon loyalty programs? Is it necessary, or is it something to think about? You must first ask yourself if you want to increase revenue and customer retention before you can respond to these questions. If so, it makes sense to take salon loyalty programs into consideration.

Several salon owners overlook the importance of customer lifetime value (CLV) and consistently fail to establish a successful relationship between a customer and a brand. To retain customers, they need to stay in touch with their clients through calls and emails. Offer your customers lucrative discounts, so they have a reason to come back to you frequently. It will encourage customer loyalty to your brand and bring in revenue for your business. However, the easiest way to retain customers is to offer them the best quality of service and an incomparable customer experience.

It would be beneficial if you looked into what your customers want and the market’s need for salon services. A successful beauty salon loyalty program focuses on cementing the loyalty of your existing customers. These customers form the backbone of your business and will likely feel valued for it. When it comes to the beauty industry, customers can be considered the heart and soul of the business. Giving your loyal customers the best service and rewards for their purchases is the easiest way to retain them.

The following are some ways that can help you run a successful salon loyalty rewards program:

Understand Your Customers’ Requirements

You can collect your customers’ personal details when they sign up for your loyalty program, like age, gender, etc. With this data, you can get insights into their service preferences and spending patterns. It can be analyzed to understand your customers and know which types of rewards or services they expect or look forward to from your rewards program.

You need to figure out what your customers want in a loyalty program. It may be:

  • Money-back offers or discounts
  • A personalized customer experience
  • Priority while booking appointments
  • Free add-on products and services

Appreciate Customer Loyalty

Loyal customers are of great significance to any business or industry type. Only a few salon loyalty programs can influence and win your customers’ hearts. Your business can thrive and grow in leaps and bounds by correctly implementing a loyalty program. There is fierce competition going on in the beauty industry, and running a loyalty program should be on your top marketing list. It will help you achieve long-term success. You can appreciate the loyalty of your customers and express gratitude to them by offering good discounts, offers, and treatments after they have visited your salon several times a year.

Announce and Promote Offers

The best way to inform customers about your services and brand offerings is to tell them about them. Lucrative discounts and deals are the best ways to attract your loyal customers’ attention and give them a discounted price if they opt for more than two services. You should provide a demo of your new product or service with the existing service, so this can entice them to help themselves with that service.

Stay in Touch with Your Customers

Simply offering discounts will not serve your purpose. You must stay in touch with your loyal customers to show them that you care for them and value their service. It is essential to communicate with your customers as it will help them feel that you care about their requirements. You can send them emails and messages that promote discounts. You need to maintain a healthy interval between your emails and messages so that it helps with brand recall and keeps them informed about discounts or offers from your salon. Don’t overdo it, as it might push them away.

Gamify the Loyalty Program

You can gamify your salon loyalty program by including certain features such as scratch & win offers, prize wheels, social media challenges, gamified quizzes, etc. Believe it or not, gamifying the customer rewards program will ensure great success. You can incentivize and encourage your loyal customers to create user engagement content like blog reviews, videos, and feedback, promoting the loyalty program and increasing your salon’s credibility. Another excellent idea is to implement entertaining and engaging social media campaigns to provide thrills and entertainment for your salon loyalty program.

Personalized Experience

A personalized customer experience ensures customer satisfaction and boosts revenue. It would help if you acknowledged each milestone in the customer’s journey by offering them freebies and discounts. Use customer data to determine which customers would try other services along with their usual services and then provide recommendations accordingly. It will entice them to try out your services and give them a reason to return to you. You can send special messages on occasions like birthdays and anniversaries, which will help strengthen your relationship with loyal customers.

Express Gratitude to Customers

A simple ‘Thank you’ to your loyal customers can go a long way regarding customer loyalty. You should treat customers with respect and humility, and you will see the results afterward. One simple thank you note will help them feel special. It can even lead to word-of-mouth referrals and make your business more profitable by attracting new customers.

Only when it engages your regular customers and tempts them to take advantage of discounts and offers you are promoting will a loyalty program be successful. You can get help from a hair salon loyalty program to automatically send notifications to your customers for offers, deals, and new products and services. Ensure that your loyalty rewards program targets both frequent and infrequent customers.

This article was written by Loyal-n-Save, an omni-channel customer loyalty solution for retailers looking to increase customer retention and new customer acquisition.


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Posted on Apr 8, 2022


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