5 Great Reasons to Offer Swag Products to Your Consumers

5 Great Reasons to Offer Swag Products to Your Consumers

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Advertising is a costly affair, and getting consumer engagement on a ground level is actually tricky. Anybody can shell out money and gain attention, but there is a fair chance that consumer engagement may only last for a short time. That's why most businesses turn to innovative loyalty strategies that help them connect with their target audiences more realistically, so much so that their target audience itself becomes their brand advocate.   

There are many ways to convert a consumer into your brand advocate, like getting them enrolled in referral programs, offering up top-quality products (the best option), giving them unique discounts and offers, personalized engagement, and offering swag merchandise.  

However, in this blog, the focus will be on the benefits of using swag shops. Using swag products, many businesses attract consumers, showing their product quality, and get word-of-mouth advertising worth thousands of dollars. According to a Statista study, in 2020, 21.6% of marketers used online swag bags as a marketing tool to engage virtual event attendees. It’s magical (once you see the results, you’ll actually feel like it’s magic).  

Let’s learn about the advantages of giving swag products to your consumers!  

Affordable Cost-Per-Impression   

Advertising Specialty Institute (ASI), which has conducted a study to demonstrate the impact of promotional/swag products on consumers and how they behave globally, proves that the swag products yield desired results in a much more cost-effective manner as compared to other forms of advertising.

Offering swag items for free as a promotional product or in return for reward points/tokens helps establish a meaningful connection between a brand and their consumers. It's a chance for the brand to get into the top-of-mind awareness of customers. Once you've achieved top-of-mind awareness, you can quickly get word-of-mouth publicity from your customers, which ultimately makes your consumers your brand advocate. Once your consumers become your brand advocate, you start getting genuine walk-ins/website impressions, even if you spend less on advertising.   

Helps Burn Reward Tokens/Points  

Swag shops, mainly Loyal-n-Save's, empower consumers to get more than one swag item from your store through reward tokens they've accumulated by shopping at your store or online website. Swag merchandising not only helps in getting good word-of-mouth publicity, but it also enables you to burn reward tokens of consumers and keeps them excited & motivated about earning more tokens to acquire more products. It's the best way to keep your customers returning to your store for shopping.  

Get Social Media Mentions  

It’s super easy to get social media shoutouts, mentions, or referrals through your swag merchandise if your customers like your products. Moreover, you can tell them to post an image with your swag on social media and get some great deals or discounts. It’s another way that a swag shop helps your customers become your brand advocates for much less investment.  

Engage with the Audience for a Longer period  

When your consumers get swag merchandise, there’s a fair chance that the merchandise stays with them for a much-longer portion of time. This allows your brand to engage with your customer entirely differently. It can become an integral part of their life or something that they use on a regular basis. According to ASI, if you consider the facts about the promotional products, swag shirts are kept for an average of 14 months by the consumers. Every time the user wears the brand’s t-shirt and looks into the mirror, they see its name, tagline, or logo. It’s as if they see your promotional posts almost every day, except this time, you didn’t pay for them.  

Make Your Brand Famous for Gifting  

Through Loyal-n-Save Swag Shop, you can actually give your customers the option to deliver your merchandise to their friends and family on their birthdays and other occasions. Consumers can buy merchandise using their reward tokens to gift the Swag to their friends. It’s another form of indirect advertisement or a referral.  

What is Loyal-n-Save Swag Shop?  

Loyal-n-Save Swag Shop is a portal where stores/brands can offer their Swag products for customers to purchase with their reward tokens. You offer t-shirts, pens, coffee mugs, and many other products that have your brand name/tagline, or even just a logo in that portal. There are a lot of things your consumers can do. They can gift their Swag to their friends, convert reward tokens into shopping coupons, and even set a goal to earn their favorite product.  

To Conclude 

You want your target audience to interact with your product—touch it, feel it, and use it. Offering swag products is the perfect way to achieve that because you can reach people who don’t even know your brand or have just heard about it. You don’t even have to run marketing campaigns or spend a whole lot of money to acquire new customers because if the customers like your product, they’ll come voluntarily to your store.  


What is Swag?  

Swag is a promotional product or merchandise that a company gives to its consumers, employees, or prospects. Often, swag is offered for free or in return for reward tokens. Swag has the power to boost brand recall, engagement, and customer acquisition.

Is it Cost-Effective to Offer Swag Products?  

Yes, of course. Offering swag products is the most cost-effective way to increase consumer engagement and brand recognition.   

It's even cheaper than advertising. As per the Advertising Specialty Institute (ASI), "The cost per impression (CPI) of promotional products can be as low as 1/10 of one cent – lower than nearly any other advertising medium – making it a great choice for smaller businesses lacking large advertising budgets."   

ASI is an entity that carries out research for promotional products and their impact on consumers. Its study measures cost per impression (CPI) as the money spent to garner one view per item.   

For example, a company spends $50 on a branded purse to be given as swag to one of its consumers, and that purse generates 6000 impressions in its entire lifetime; then the CPI for that product is less than 9/10 of a cent.  

Can I Offer Swag Products Through the Loyal-n-Save Loyalty Program?  

Yes, Loyal-n-Save has its online Swag Shop where you can display your Swag products and encourage your consumers to buy your Swag using reward tokens. This benefits you in increasing your brand recall, burning reward tokens, and encouraging consumers to earn more reward tokens by shopping more.  

Are Loyal-n-Save Swag and Loyalty Solutions Customizable?  

Yes, we offer customized solutions. All you've got to do is contact us, and our loyalty solutions expert will understand your requirements and try to assist you in enhancing your loyalty game as a company. 



This article was written by Loyal-n-Save, an omni-channel customer loyalty solution for retailers looking to increase customer retention and new customer acquisition.
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