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Ways to Craft a Unique Loyalty Program for Your eCommerce Business

Ways to Craft a Unique Loyalty Program for Your eCommerce Business

In addition to attracting customers, loyalty programs have long been used to remarket to them in a way that increases their love for the brand. But as the internet and mobile shopping have grown in popularity, this has fundamentally altered the world of loyalty programs. The success of today’s eCommerce businesses is greatly influenced by customer loyalty. Given that the interaction between the customer and the business is very different from in-store sales, building customer loyalty in the eCommerce industry can be rather challenging. eCommerce businesses must continually encourage and satisfy customers to stay ahead of the competition. Building eCommerce loyalty is typically driven mostly by the desire to increase sales. Global retail eCommerce sales were estimated to be at 5.2 trillion dollars in 2021, according to a Statista report. Over the following few years, this amount is predicted to increase by 56%, reaching 8.1 trillion dollars by 2026. Inevitably, new technologies, marketing tactics, people, and items will continue to be introduced to the eCommerce sector. The level of competition will increase. It’s essential for eCommerce businesses to have better tactics and the greatest loyalty programs possible if they want to succeed in the market. We’ll go through some of the most important methods for an eCommerce loyalty program in this blog. Let’s begin!

Design a richly-rewarding loyalty program

Although there are several loyalty programs in the world of eCommerce, loyalty tiers, loyalty points, or a combination of both are the most frequently used ones. However, when comparing both of the programs, the point-based loyalty programs take the lead as far as popularity. Consider rewarding your customers for their behavior in addition to their purchases if you’re thinking about implementing a loyalty program that rewards points. For instance, be sure to reward your customers when they post their discount codes on social platforms, give reviews, or recommend friends to sign up for memberships to receive bonus points. Vouchers, gifts, experience-related activities, and VIP/point programs can all be used to reward customers. Let’s say you own a jewelry company that specializes in creating unique pet wood pendants, and a customer is so impressed that she recommends your business to her sister to make a special pendant for her Yorkie. As a token of your appreciation for the customer’s business, consider offering them a special reward, like a free necklace chain to go with the cat pendant she recently ordered.

To encourage purchasing, offer unique rewards and promotions

eCommerce companies can encourage customers to keep making purchases from them by offering them exclusive discounts and fun extras. You can give your customers fantastic advantages like free shipping coupons and discount codes to use with their accumulated points. For instance, when a customer reaches 300 points, they become qualified for free shipping on a future order. Providing such benefits and rewards encourages customer loyalty. The optimum use of this tactic is to boost customers’ average order values and encourage repeat purchases. However, it is crucial to offer these kinds of incentives at the appropriate time and place. If you give them too many, the excitement can be lost. Having said that, think carefully before offering any unique reward or perk.

Make use of automated marketing communications

Designing a customer journey with marketing automation is a significant strategy for creating a successful loyalty program for your eCommerce business. In short, it’s important to employ the appropriate tools when creating customer journeys for various target groups, such as first-time purchasers, current users, and churning customers. The loyalty program should be created in a way that promotes customer interaction and forges significant bonds with your business. You can use a variety of cutting-edge solutions to deliver personalized rewards, encourage customer interactions, monitor indepth CRM analytics, and a lot more. By automating marketing communications and employing data insights, eCommerce organizations can quickly and efficiently improve their loyalty approach.

Compile as much information as you can

Utilizing as much data as you can to boost your eCommerce performance is crucial. Measuring the success of your sales conversion is the best approach to optimizing your online business. eCommerce marketers can gather information from customer interactions and utilize that data to create better marketing plans. You can utilize a variety of eCommerce analytics to obtain data. For instance, you can gather common eCommerce analytics such as visitor conversion rates, cart abandonment rates, email subscriber involvement, and so on. The customer making their first purchase within a short period of time after signing up, the percentage rise in revenue per customer, and the growth in lifetime value, to name a few, are examples of strong loyalty metrics. You may develop suitable loyalty programs and make smarter business decisions with the help of these data insights to ensure long-term sustainability.

Provide an experience that’s tailor-made

Offering a personalized experience and content is one of the best and most effective strategies for successful loyalty programs. Brands that are largely focused on offering personalized experiences are likely to perform better and generate more repeat sales. When customers are provided with personalized content and offers, they tend to feel more special and pay more attention to the offerings recommended to them. Several reports suggest that when customers are offered personalized services, they are willing to pay more. After all, they don’t mind sharing important information like their interests and likes to get back more personalized and relevant content. Being an eCommerce business, you can offer product recommendations to your customers based on their profile, purchase history, preferences, and campaign data. The data collected from all these sources can be used to send exclusive perks, free samples, relevant content, and so much more. The more personalized service you provide, the more you’ll be able to convince your customers that you care about them and their loyalty matters a lot to your business. The information gathered from all of these sources can be utilized to send relevant content, free samples, and many other things. Your ability to persuade customers that you appreciate their support and that their business is important to you is determined by the level of personalization you provide.

Make customer service a breeze

Customer service has a significant impact on whether an eCommerce business is successful or not. Because today’s shoppers like to communicate with brands across a variety of channels, including social media, email, phone, and chat, be sure to offer seamless customer service support through all the available channels. Customers must be able to contact your brand through the channel of their choice. Additionally, make it easier for them to interact with customer service or submit feedback, questions, or comments. No matter which customer care channel your customers use, the more quickly and conveniently they receive responses to their questions, the better their perception of your brand will be. In the end, a better experience will contribute to stronger loyalty.


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This article was written by Loyal-n-Save, an omni-channel customer loyalty solution for retailers looking to increase customer retention and new customer acquisition.


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Posted on Aug 12, 2022


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