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Want to know more about Loyal~n~Save? How a loyalty program can benefit your business? How much a Loyal~n~Save subscription costs? The answers to these and more can be found below.

What is Loyal~n~Save?

Loyal~n~Save is a premium loyalty rewards program with unique Team Rewards that encourage customers to invite their friends through word-of-mouth referrals. Think of us as a virtual shopping mall, we house multiple stores under one roof. We like to call ourselves an “umbrella program” rather than a coalition program because all stores and their points are separate. By using our platform you have complete control over your loyalty program, including campaigns, point redemption, and more.

How will Loyal~n~Save benefit my business?

With a premium rewards system, customers will have access to all promotions and rewards with the ability to earn more by inviting team members and each merchant’s word-of-mouth marketing campaigns. With Team Rewards, you’ll have the option to give a small percentage back to the customer by incentivizing cash purchases. Share the savings from credit card processing fees to offer more to your customers to keep them coming back while putting more profits to your bottom line.

How will Loyal~n~Save benefit my customers?

Loyal~n~Save has many features that will benefit your brand. On the web and with the mobile app, customers won’t miss out on any of the action, like campaigns, rewards, coupons, and swag items. Customers also have the ability to earn more points than they would with a traditional loyalty program, just by referring their friends and families directly to your store. Each purchase a friend makes, they’ll earn points for it too. Gamification techniques keep them engaged and returning back to your store time and again.

Does Loyal~n~Save integrate with my POS?

Yes! Loyal~n~Save integrates with most POS systems. If you are an existing FasTrax customer, Loyal~n~Save will already be integrated into your POS system.

A cloud-based option for Loyal~n~Save is also scheduled to launch in 2018. This will eliminate the need to integrate into your POS and will allow you to access your loyalty program wherever you are, securely and protected.

How much does Loyal~n~Save cost?

Whether you are a small or large retailer with one or multiple locations, we have packages for each need. Please contact us for more details via email at sales@loyalnsave.com

Is a mobile app included?

Absolutely. We believe a mobile app is crucial to your loyalty program. There is no additional fee for the Loyal~n~Save app.

Can I brand my own mobile app?

Yes, we do offer a white label option for the app so that your customers can feel more connected to your brand. This will provide a skin over the original Loyal~n~Save app so that it is specific to your store. Users will still be able to access other stores and all other Loyal~n~Save features with a branded app.

How soon can I launch a loyalty program at my business?

Once you decide to use Loyal~n~Save as a loyalty solution, it’s our highest priority to get you up and running as quickly as possible. A successful launch of your program depends on a number of factors, such as the size of your business, the number of locations, API customization, and employee training. On average, the process for a small business can take between 2-4 weeks, with larger stores taking anywhere from 6- 12 weeks. The time frame varies for each individual customer, but after a thorough consultation, we can provide you with a more accurate timeline of events.

Is there a contract?

There are no contracts with Loyal~n~Save, just a monthly subscription. If at any time you decide that you no longer want to use the platform, contact us at sales@loyalnsave.com

Frequently Asked Questions