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  • Pet Retailer
    Pet Retailer

    As a pet retailer, you already know that you have some of the most loyal customers ever. Your customers want what is best for their animal(s) because they are a part of their family...

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  • Salon & Barbershop
    Salon & Barbershop

    Not only as a stylist, but also as a consumer, you know that once a person finds a stylist/salon who knows how to cut their hair the [exact] way they want it, they stick with that...

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  • Restaurants

    Amplify your customer's experience with a gamified loyalty program for restaurants and bars. Customer retention starts with a great loyalty program...

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  • Automotive

    As an experience automotive technician, you care about the life of your customers’ vehicles, sometimes more than they do. Vehicle safety and dependability are what you strive for and...

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  • Tattoo / Piercing Shops
    Tattoo / Piercing Shops

    Tattoo artists view the human body as a canvas and professional body piercers are always ready to adorn their clients with jewelry in unusual places. Your customers love your work...

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  • Office Supply Store
    Office Supply Store

    As an office supply retailer, you support both small businesses and individuals alike, providing products and services to your customers that keep their operations running...

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  • Gym

    As a gym owner, you know all about dedication. You see it in your members, and you live it day after day. It takes perseverance, determination, and discipline to get into peak...

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  • Convenience Stores
    Convenience Stores

    Time is of the essence for your customers and they often know exactly what they want to buy before they even set foot in the door. They have their favored brands and aren’t interested...

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  • Coffee Shop
    Coffee Shop

    The best days start with coffee. You know it and your customers need it. But do they need to get their caffeine kick at your shop as opposed to the one across the street? Customer retention...

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  • Clothing Retailers
    Clothing Retailers

    As a clothing retailer, you not only watch trends, you set them. When shoppers breeze into your store, they’re on the hunt for fashion-forward looks that don’t break the bank...

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  • Bar

    As a favored establishment, your bar has more to offer than cocktails and the latest microbrew. The atmosphere, décor, and music have all been specifically designed to enhance the...

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