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Stay up-to-date with all of our product updates, including new features and bug
fixes for Control Center and the Loyal-n-Save app and website.

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If you have any questions about the update or best practices in utilizing new features, please contact our loyalty
specialists at 256-319-3470 or email

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  • April 4, 2024
  • March 14, 2024
  • February 20, 2024
  • February 2, 2024
  • January 18, 2024
  • December 11, 2023
  • October 31, 2023
  • September 22, 2023
  • September 19, 2023
  • May 4, 2023
  • February 27, 2023
  • January 25, 2023
  • December 14, 2022
  • November 1, 2022
  • September 6, 2022
April 4, 2024
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  • 82284

    In LNS app, LNS, bug fixed, when a tender type is disallowed in a campaign, the tender type (cash or credit) will no longer appear on the deal visible to customers.

  • 98326

    In the app, white label retailers, customers can share the app with their friends and family via SMS, email, and more.

  • 98462

    In the app, white label QR code update, retailers can now customize the QR code to be used when making a purchase or optionally allow sharing with friends.

  • 82551

    In LNS app, desktop view, and white label, customers can now track how many tokens are needed to redeem swag shop items.

  • 82690

    In LNS app, desktop view, and white label, customers now have an easier navigation to register for deals.

March 14, 2024
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  • 70495

    In LNS app, customers will now receive push notifications reminders for coupons that are expiring.

  • 79752

    In Control Center, LNS, new app type field added to loyalty settings.
    App type is a mandatory field with three dropdown options:
    -PWA (Progressive web apps)
    -Mobile application
    -PWA and mobile application

  • 79959

    In Control Center, LNS, when converting a customer to a LNS employee, the verbiage on the button has changed to convert to customer to convert to LNS employee.

  • 80475

    In Control Center, LNS, bug fixed, customer Loyal-n-Save card balance have been removed, this does not affect customers earned token balances.

  • 80596

    Bug fixed, email campaigns targeted from customer interests will now trigger emails to customers.

  • 79958

    In Control Center, LNS, once per sale options have been updated for coupon campaigns.

  • 79667

    In LNS app, campaign push notifications will now be grouped into 1 notification instead of multiple if a retailer has 2 or more deals going live on the same day.

  • 80388

    In LNS app Desktop view, customers can now filter their token earning history by retailer.

  • 96088

    In Control Center, LNS, bug fixed, updating retailer chain logo is now functional.

  • 80463

    In Control Center, LNS, FasTrax admins can now update the Loyal-n-Save Card information and prices document.
    -The price list will be visible to clients from Control Center when ordering LNS loyalty cards.

  • 79438

    In LNS app, customers will now receive new push notifications:
    -Number of tokens earned after making a purchase.
    -Earned coupons
    -Raffle entries.

  • 79961

    In Control Center, LNS, bug fixed, raffle campaign report can now select random raffle winners.

  • 400645

    LNS, notifications are now available via SMS.
    *Pending account billing coming soon.

February 20, 2024
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  • 77003

    In Control Center, email campaigns now show read only options after submission.

  • 78210

    In Control Center, users now can archive old campaigns and campaign balances.

  • 73208

    In Control Center, users now can delete old inactive campaigns with customers still having open balances.

  • 91215

    In Control Center, bug fixed campaign scheduling description has been removed and campaign requirement types have been set as a mandatory field.

  • 79125

    In Control Center, customer earn coupon filters have been added to the choose customers coupon type column.

  • 79217

    In Control Center, manage campaign filters usage information has been updated.

  • 93111

    Bug fixed, reports, customer receipt report negative sales amounts on returns are now displaying correctly.

  • 93129

    Bug fixed, In LNS app feedback rating displaying properly.

  • 79405

    In Control Center, LNS, PWA, image size recommendations have been added. Images will appear on both LNS app and web portal.

  • 71022 / 76691

    In Control Center, AVT (Age Verification Technology) flags on customers’ accounts are now visible. AVT verification occurs when customers are age verified in store.

  • 88251

    In LNS app, EAIV status will reset after customer updates their profile.
    -Resets will occur if a customer updates their birthday, and first or last name.

  • 79657

    In Control Center, the Loyalty dashboard will now direct to the respective control center location where the statices are gathered from.
    -Total Customers – will redirect to the customer page.
    -Active Campaigns – will redirect to campaign list page.

  • 76563

    In Control Center, bug fix, data from the employee monthly signup and customer enrollment report now displays correctly.

  • 92429

    In Control Center, bug fix, deleted campaigns now appear in the campaign activity summary report.

  • 94297

    Bug fix, images are now visible on the customer Loyal-n-Save welcome emails.

  • 93989

    In Control Center, bug fix, customer source campaign registration QR code and link are now functional.

  • 94047

    In Control Center, bug fix, when adding or modifying a customer campaign balances the system will no longer display new entries, instead the balance will be added to the previous balance and display as one entry.

  • 79748

    In LNS app, PWA, Customers who have signed up for PWA will need to be AVT verified when registering to a store from the LNS Marketplace.

  • 79749

    In Control Center, new campaign type for first FTx Commerce sale.

  • 64806

    In Control Center, additional filters have been added to the customer balance report.

  • 87910

    PWA, Altria product type report now displays correct figures.

  • 93383

    In Control Center, new customer report – Altria EAIV marketing survey / product mapping.

  • 79747

    In Control Center, campaign list updated filter verbiage for valid / expired campaigns.

  • 80092

    Bug fix, design and product count mismatch issue has been fixed in swag shop.

  • 80256

    Bug fix, LNS email, missing images and unable to open in a browser has been fixed.

February 2, 2024
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  • 91446

    In Control Center, LNS, White label, - Various configuration flags and LNS deployment types added.

  • 94127

    Bug fixed, visit tokens campaign is now working correctly.

  • 94403

    In LNS app desktop view, dashboard, notifications tab has been removed from the dashboard, notifications will still be available on the app.

  • 81037

    In LNS app desktop – Bug fixed wishlist items will now be removed after unchecking the product.

  • 93398

    In LNS app desktop – EAIV verbiage from PWA to app has been adjusted.

  • 72765

    In LNS app, customers will now receive push notifications on return transactions.

  • 94688

    In LNS app, PWA to app notification counts display correctly under the respective icon badge.

January 18, 2024
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  • 45870

    In LNS App: Customers now can upload custom profile pictures.

  • 67559

    In Control Center, LNS app: Customers associations, friends and LNS friends appear on both the LNS app / desktop view and in Control Center.

  • 72344

    In the Control Center: Ability to add emojis to the subject line text from loyalty campaigns, email campaigns and manufacturer campaigns

  • 75940

    LNS App and web portal: Friends list now loads quicker.

  • 77061

    In the Control Center: Campaign reports, “reward tokens by location” and “campaign activity summary” data is now generated when running these reports.

  • 87384

    Altria Personalization + offers: Retailers are now able to choose the promotions in which to participate with personalized offers and content.

  • 89775

    In the Control Center: Coupon expiration date now appears for all 3 coupon expiration types.
    - Never Expires: NA
    - Static and Days After Issue will display the coupon expiration date

  • 90534

    New EAIV Flow: Facial recognition with live selfie verification protocols.

  • 90987

    In the Control Center: Campaign activity summary report, trigger type column now displays the corresponding trigger type instead of “none”.

  • 91139

    In the Control Center: Customer signed up for LNS is now available in Control Center. (Point of sale, import customer, Control Center, Loyal-n-Save web)

  • 91145

    LNS app and web portal: Sign in and forget password links to “use phone number” and use email” are now in caps, providing a more visibly appealing appearance.

  • 91277

    In the Control Center: Loyalty dashboard – “current balance reward tokens” now displays an extended token screen tip when hovering over field.

  • 91279

    In the Control Center: Default timezone – description has been adjusted.
    -Navigation path: Login>POS>Maintenance>Settings & Panels>Shared

  • 91534

    In the Control Center: Before a user can finalize a LNS loyalty card order, it is mandatory to fill out the vanguard order #.

  • 91619

    Bug fixed with issues where non-white label clients were able to see white label settings.

  • 92094

    Swag shop filter select a store, customers can now filter which retailer’s swag shop from the list of stores they have signed up with.

  • 92334

    LNS App: “Please try again error” is no longer displayed after resetting the EAIV status and reprocessing the EAIV verification process.

  • 92444

    In Control Center, the username is no longer a required field when editing a customer.

  • 92455

    Corrected bug with raffle campaign reports not displaying data.

  • 92551

    Corrected bug with the auto trigger email campaigns, QR codes are now visible.

  • 92636

    LNS App: New prompts for EAIV failures.

  • 91910

    LNS App: Bug fixed friend’s name no longer disappearing in chat messages.

  • 92016

    LNS App: Duplicate push notification on auto trigger emails (birthday) has been fixed.

  • 92590

    In Control Center, merging customer balance types tool is now located under customer balance types.

  • 93001

    LNS App: Bug fixed errors when updating customer’s home store.

  • 93024

    LNS App: Bug fixed friends not appearing when starting a new chat.

December 11, 2023
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  • 77414

    In Control Center, LNS, new enhancement to allow for special characters to be shown in LNS coupon fields.

  • 83526

    New enhancement in Control Center for client-side logins – when a customer has multiple stores, a button will be shown to select account in a selected store only.

  • 87239

    In LNS app, EAIV token rewards are now being applied in each store where customer goes through EAIV process.

  • 87680

    In Control Center, LNS, new enhancement adding raffle trigger per item in addition to by dollar amount.

  • 88277

    In Control Center, CC: Email Campaign: Campaign Templates, added new campaign template.

  • 88597

    New enhancement in Control Center when creating campaigns, the retailer’s exact token conversion rate will be shown.

  • 89292

    In Control Center, bug fixed to allow customers to still earn tokens even if campaign requirements are applied.

  • 89511

    In Desktop version of LNS app or White Label PWQ, a QR code now appears in the EAIV pop up to quickly access EAIV verification steps using their mobile device only.

  • 89570

    In LNS app mobile version, iOS, Search box is no longer being blocked by overlapping text or images.

  • 89693

    In Control Center, LNS, coupon earned and coupon end dates now visible.

  • 89696

    New enhancement in Loyal-n-Save app and desktop versions with new “About Loyal-n-Save” button to see features of the app and find assistance for help.

  • 89735

    In Control Center, LNS, Manufacturer, Loyalty, Campaign: Reward Type now showing properly.

  • 90316

    In LNS app and White Label app, store locator, UI issue for miles field corrected.

  • 87378

    Bug fix- Button fixed, when ordering LNS cards through Control Center.

  • 88288

    New enhancement in Loyal-n-Save app to allow customers to select their home store from the store locator or keep default home store where they signed up for LNS.

  • 89374

    New enhancement to correct issues when implementing S3 bucket for saving LNS customer cards.

  • 89687

    Corrected bug with issues where customers were unable to opt out of e-mails. Unsubscribe link fixed.

  • 90625

    Corrected UI issues where points breakdown history was not correctly showing in my deals page.

  • 90631

    In LNS app desktop view, dashboard, deals, search store, now redirects to the store deals page when all deals are shown.

  • 90707

    New enhancement to provide prompt alerts to customers for EAIV fails for restricted word usage or using e-mail address outside of U.S. and steps for re-submittal.

  • 90932

    Corrected bug in Control Center, loyalty, campaigns, schedules tab, update to cap D for “Campaign Start Date” and “Campaign End Date.”

October 31, 2023
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  • 72343

    In Control Center, LNS, new Auto Trigger Campaign e-mails now available for Loyal-n-Save Marketplace

  • 87018

    In Control Center, LNS, new Auto Trigger Campaign e-mails now available for white label loyalty

  • 84011

    In Control Center, LNS, reward tokens earned campaign report now with more accurate list of active campaigns

  • 84613

    In LNS app, for sign up from web, signup tokens are now correctly being assigned and shown

  • 85227

    In Control Center, bug fix for third-party coupons taking too long to load

  • 87185

    In Control Center, e-mail campaign bar graphic showing “read” and “unread” now updating

  • 87513

    In Control Center, LNS, links for source campaigns now working correctly

  • 87728

    In Control Center, LNS, option now available in Control Center to merge customer balance types

  • 87885

    In Control Center, LNS, corrected issue where LNS full time employee appeared incorrectly as part time

  • 88009

    In Control Center, LNS, issue corrected where customers were unable to redeem earned tokens

  • 88511

    In Control Center, LNS, new EAIV reminder pop up to appear on LNS desktop and white label desktop views

  • 88508

    In Control Center, LNS, updated and clarified verbiage on AVT and EAIV pop up shown after verifications

September 22, 2023
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  • 76676

    In CC LNS app / white label PWA, revise text on button from “complete account registration” to “register existing account”

  • 76675

    In CC, LNS app/ white label PWA, add enhancement to show campaign graphics for each deal shown in my deals

  • 76673

    In CC, for LNS white label PWA / app, add enhancement to have a EAIV reminder pop up appear each time the PWA / app loads for customers who have not been EAIV verified. Includes a check box to allow customers to stop seeing this pop up. The green box reminder will still be present on PWA / app for those customers who are not EAIV verified.

  • 87243

    In CC, for LNS white label PWA / app, added pop up for anyone missing their e-mail address in their EAIV verified or in process record informing them that e-mail address is mandatory.

September 19, 2023
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  • 71357

    In CC create campaign, point limit requirement added to manage campaign filter

  • 72476

    In Control Center, LNS app feedback export report now correctly shows when downloaded in PDF format

  • 72793

    In Control Center, re-confirmed and re-verified that global blacklist is correctly applied so certain product categories do not earn Loyal-n-Save tokens (cigarettes, moist smokeless tobacco, lottery tickets)

  • 72818

    In Control Center, in edit campaign, after save, confirmation message now shows “campaign edited successfully

  • 72819

    In Control Center (for LNS), in loyalty, customer, balances tab, view, space now available for bonus entries in customer balance

  • 72845

    In Control Center, bug fix for loyalty campaign not correctly earning tokens

  • 73555

    In Control Center, for LNS unsubscribe e-mail but corrected

  • 73724

    In Control Center, in swag shop, now have option to change or delete attribute type

  • 76075

    In CC, loyalty store (manufacturer campaign), bug fixed so category whitelist token values are not saved

  • 77595

    In LNS app, corrected possible bug to ensure that non-AVT verified users could not see age-restricted deals

  • 78222

    In Control Center, in loyalty, e-mail campaigns corrected bug in assign by location to only include customers with store visits to the store(s) selected

  • 78445

    In Control Center, in loyalty, campaigns, schedules – bug corrected so start date does not revert back to default date with end date is entered

  • 79137

    In Control Center, LNS, campaigns, corrected issue with raffle campaigns showing invalid entries where the raffle campaign and another campaign with allowed items

  • 79398

    In Control Center, LNS, issue corrected so that ordered items are getting the right count of points earned

  • 79399

    In Control Center, LNS, all points (tokens) are now being correctly assigned when an item is purchased in whitelist

  • 79410

    In Control Center, LNS, bug corrected to assign campaign coupons to be earned when trigger amount is met

  • 79484

    In Control Center, loyalty, marketing, bug corrected in loyalty campaigns, e-mail campaigns and manufacturer campaigns to ensure filters are saved properly

  • 80113

    In Control Center, in LNS web or app sign up, issue fixed to ensure welcome e-mail is generated after sign up

  • 80429

    In Control Center, bug fixed to correctly assign coupons for selected whitelists based on order value

  • 80715

    In Control Center, in manufacturers campaign, fixed issue where stores assigned to a MFG campaign are now displayed in manage stores availability

  • 81110

    In Control Center, loyalty, e-mail campaign, edit, Altria options, correct message now displayed while editing promotion period

  • 81753

    In LNS app, bug fixed to now show correct manufacturer deal count

  • 81987

    In Control Center, in reports, resolved slow loading time of “customer items” report; optimized per page limit for query

  • 82155

    In Control Center, LNS, Campaigns, add, options, bug fixed to correctly show cash multiplier and non-cash multiplier value

  • 83987

    In Control Center, loyalty, reports, corrected issue so customer purchase frequency report is showing properly

  • 84018

    Resolved issue with miscalculations in customer purchase frequency report

  • 84132

    In Control Center, customers, LNS employees, bug fixed so save and save & close buttons are working correctly

  • 84719

    In LNS App, corrected slow LNS app loading issues

  • 85859

    In Control Center, loyalty, customer, customer balances, issue fixed so customer manual balance change report is properly showing

May 4, 2023
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  • 78516

    Resolved getting earned digital coupons provided to SMCH customers for Tokens Earned Coupons Earned campaigns

  • 74202

    Resolved Delete Account Functionality in LnS Hybrid Web and App

  • 74490

    The Apple Store and Play Store logo images are now appearing correctly on the Loyal-n-Save App Dashboard page

  • 75318

    If a swag item has more than one balance type configured in control center for redemption options, it is now correctly displayed, showing both options, for the front-end user

  • 76959

    Each Retailer’s My Deals page now shows their deals and promotions from newest to oldest on Web & App

  • 78745

    In LnS Web and App, in My Deals, Cash Multiplier now correctly shows the Cash icon and the Non-Cash Multiplier now shows the Credit Card icon

  • 78878

    In FTx Identity, after successful sign up the “Continue” button now functions correctly

  • 78453

    In LnS App, resolved prior EAIV process malfunction

  • 78938

    In LnS App, resolved app blinking notifications issue

  • 79037

    In LnS App, on My Stores page, in Join Teams pop up, text corrected to indicate QR code is located on store details screen

February 27, 2023
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  • 72208

    Resolved report scheduling issue

  • 73313

    Resolved Swag Purchase notification email body html issue

  • 73622, 73840, 74361, 74364, 74374, 73942, 74436, 74859, 74990, 74810

    Resolved a variety of report issues and improved speed

  • 73937

    Resolved expired deals appearing on home screen issue

  • 74413

    Added graph widget to Control Center Loyalty Dashboard that represents # of users logged in and registered with Loyal-n-Save. Added Register Date and Login Date fields to the Customer module of Loyalty in Control Center

  • 73727

    Resolved attribute issue in Swag Shop

  • 74282

    Resolved age restricted toggle switch functionality in Control Center

  • 74370

    Resolved customer web portal log in issue

  • 73555

    Resolved unsubscribe feature in email issue

  • 62006, 73104

    Resolved store & manufacturer reward summary display issue in monthly summary email

  • 74532

    Resolved Loyalty points/dollars not reflecting on Control Center campaign reports – On Prem

  • 73889

    Cleaned up verbiage notification for customer preference change

  • 74282

    Resolved age restricted toggle functionality issue

  • 74529

    Added additional descriptive text to the blue action button on customer balances in Control Center

  • 74947

    Resolved the ability to click on verify with FTx Identity during the EAIV process

  • 74981

    Added the option to add a campaign image for auto trigger campaigns in Control Center

  • 72850

    Resolved swag shop item expiration issues in Control Center

  • 73602

    Resolved swag shop filter by reward token issue

  • 72820

    Resolved issue with newly added manage service not saving to Locations in Control Center

  • 74469

    Removed $ from source campaign coupon value field in Control Center

  • 74802

    Resolved tokens per dollar value campaign per dollar amount field issue in Control Center

  • 73946

    Resolved loyalty search by name issue in Director

  • 75174

    Resolved EAIV campaign display issue on initial Altria survey popup in app

  • 67455

    Cleaned up instances where points needed to be changed to tokens on back end and front end

  • 75101

    Resolved manufacturer tabs appearing in campaign module of Control Center

  • 75080

    Resolved issue of incorrect balance before and balance after entries showing in customer balance history in Control Center

  • 75258

    Resolved verbiage issues in source campaign module of Control Center

  • 75098

    Resolved focus hovering issues on Loyal-n-Save customer portal

January 25, 2023
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  • 64031 62035

    CC > Loyalty > Campaigns > Possible Campaign Requirements Bug

  • 67576 64520

    CC - Enhancement Request: Loyal-n-Save Customer Balance History

  • 70966

    Changes in LNS Merchant robots.txt file

  • 70972

    Manufacturer Account: Create a new account: "Invalid entry duplicate entry found in system"

  • 71108

    Fix auto trigger campaign descriptions to accurately describe campaign

  • 71194 67513

    CC - Enhancement Request: Loyalty -> Reports -> Customer Reports -> Customer Raffle Entries Report

  • 55672 392940

    CC - Loyalty Campaign not giving points with 2 Whitelists

  • 71099

    Progress Circle shows for all campaigns

  • 72287

    LNS Hybrid Web: Network Error is occurring frequently

  • 72294

    LNS Hybrid Web: Messages: Add new chat and after leave the group undefined error is observed

  • 72288

    LNS Hybrid Web: My Receipts: Date issue in Receipt in live

  • 72290

    LNS Hybrid Web: Swag Shop: Gift: "Request Failed and status code 403" error is observed.

  • 72303

    LNS Hybrid Web: Find Store: General error API issue

  • 72402

    LNS Hybrid App: Find Store: While search with Keyword duplicate store found in listing page.

  • 72346

    LNS Hybrid Web: My Receipts: If search with any filter data and again click on search button that time search button is showing as disabled

  • 72312

    LNS Hybrid Web: Edit Profile: Notification: While update the settings that time message should required

  • 72336

    LNS Hybrid App/Web: Store details - User should be able view the store description completely even for full paragraph in content

  • 71565

    LNS Hybrid App/Web: Third Party offers is not redirect to Manufacturer Promotion URL page.

  • 72695

    CC - POS/Loyalty Bug - Redeem Loyalty Popup - Customers Missing LNS Points

  • 72669

    LNS Hybrid Web: My Receipts: Search filter issue

  • 72678

    LNS Hybrid Web: My Receipts: Duplicate receipts are showing in listing page

  • 72667

    LNS Hybrid Web: Dashboard: General error API issue

  • 72845 68287

    CC - BUG - Loyalty - Campaign not earning

  • 64111

    LNS Backend CC: Loyalty: Campaign: Coupon filter is not saved

  • 73049

    Issues with In-app and push notifications

  • 72281

    LNS Backend CC: Loyalty: Import Customers: while run import the report that time "something went wrong error is observed"

  • 73108 68021

    Android - LNS Push Notification Bug Unresolved - Purchases

  • 72387

    LNS Hybrid Web: Leaderboard: Rank issue in live

  • 73247

    LNS Hybrid Web: My Receipts: Wrong price and total is showing in pop up of my receipts

  • 72013

    LNS Hybrid Web: Find Stores: Deals available count is not showing properly

  • 73292

    LNS Hybrid Web: Swag Shop: Duplicate Swag Item is showing in live

  • 72984

    Update copyright year for Customer and Merchant website

  • 73504 68791

    CC - Loyalty Bug - Manufacturer Campaigns - Reward Tokens Earned - Coupon - Coupon Type not saving

  • 73522

    Manufacturer Campaign: Manage Coupon Filter is not saving properly

  • 73032

    Transaction issue with loyalty

  • 73741

    LNS Hybrid App: Dashboard: Update for DOB popup is showing after login

December 14, 2022
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  • 66581

    My MFG's - Listing - History is not showing

  • 70406

    21+ Offers showing stylized offers for tier 2

  • 69419

    LNS Hybrid web/app: Complete Account Registration: Phone number should required read only or and user can update number then it will reflect in POS also or CC side

  • 70130

    Swag Shop Gift balance not functioning - error message

  • 70921

    LNS Hybrid App: More: Completed Deals: Deal detail is not showing

  • 70925

    LNS Hybrid Web -> Dashboard -> Notification -> Deal detail is not showing

  • 70927

    LNS Hybrid Web -> Global Notification -> Deal detail is not showing

  • 70928

    LNS Hybrid App -> Notification -> Deal detail is not showing

  • 70985

    Ad link issue in in-app promotions

  • 71077

    LNS Hybrid App: My Reward Tokens: Same store is showing in point breakdown history      

  • 69467

    Add register option in MFG pages

  • 70471

    LNS Hybrid app: App feedback is not working as expected

  • 70738

    Forced update not functioning for iPhone user / DOB update freezing

  • 71425

    LNS Hybrid Web/App: My Stores : Team : UI Issue : If tokens value is more then tokens earned is not proper showing 

  • 68662

    Loyalty: Campaign: Campaign active status should change after campaign completed in store and MFG

  • 71007

    Web shows third party mobile coupons in separate tab

  • 71626

    LNS Hybrid Web/App: My MFG's : Registered and unregistered deal filters is not working properly

  • 71755

    Manufacturer Images are showing wrong

  • 71637

    Push notifications duplication issue

  • 71819

    MFG coupons issue on hybrid web

  • 71890

    Dashboard coupons > Add MFG coupons - App and Web

  • 71888

    My Stores > Store Details > Coupons - App

  • 71889

    My MFG's > MFG Details > Coupons - App

  • 66373 61953

    CC - SMCH: 2 Stores missing from the Store Monthly Signup Report in CC

  • 72012

    LNS Hybrid Web: Dashboard : Coupons : Expiration date is not showing for days after issue coupon

  • 72183

    Confirm purchase page -> Select Friend, skeleton loader is continue in a loading state

  • 72081

    LNS Hybrid App: More Completed Deals : Time span for completed deals is showing not properly and also same campaign names found in the listing page.

November 1, 2022
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  • 66512

    Resolved issue with dashboard deals not showing correctly.

  • 68095

    Resolved issue with deals not filtering by store.

  • 61525

    Cleaned up Control Center loyalty verbiage for clearer explanation of functionality.

  • 68203

    Resolved issue with date filter in loyalty reports.

  • 67676

    Resolved issue with branded website links during login.

  • 61862: 67510

    Resolved issue with branded retailer site and POS not adding loyalty customers.

  • 67900

    Resolved issue with manufacturer swag shop history not showing properly.

  • 66731

    Resolved issue in development with swag item UPC not showing in Control Center purchase.

  • 68040

    Improved speed across the hybrid web and app.

  • 67238

    Resolved issue with adding loyalty card on hybrid web.

  • 67385

    Resolved issue with hybrid web swag shop price filter.

  • 68095

    Resolved issue with hybrid web my deals filter by store.

  • 68520

    Resolved issue with hybrid web my MFG's not showing data.

  • 68585

    Resolved issue with hybrid app global search revealing age restricted stores.

  • 68649

    Resolved issue with hybrid web global search revealing age restricted stores.

  • 64694

    Resolved issue with hybrid app my profile choosing avatar from camera/gallery.

  • 63633

    Added an EAIV/Altria 3 flow completion campaign incentive on the hybrid app and web.

  • 63632

    Added an EAIV token and coupon campaign incentive to Control Center campaigns.

  • 63632

    Add trigger for campaign if user completes EAIV successfully.

  • 67455

    Replaced verbiage points to tokens across Control Center.

  • 67795

    Resolved issue with campaign sign up report date filtering.

  • 68364

    Resolved issue with hybrid app and web logic to account for campaign registration/pre-registration requirements.

  • 68864

    Added pagination in my stores on hybrid web.

  • 67237

    Added my stores review tab on hybrid web.

  • 69128

    Resolved issue with find store API.

  • 68190

    Resolved issue with duplicate categories showing in drop down menu of the swag shop.

  • 66579

    Resolved issue with lottery purchase ability to set winner as negative.

  • 68733

    Resolved issue with date of birth not pulling correctly from POS.

  • 68647

    Resolved issue with new user from POS not being able to login to Loyal-n-Save.

  • 68156

    Resolved issue on branded site with user being unable to change profile avatar.

  • 67903

    Resolved issue with hybrid app swag shop test not showing properly.

  • 56827

    Resolved issue with campaign coupon filter for all items.

  • 67793

    Improved API call for customer transaction posting.

September 6, 2022
See Full Details
  • 61283

    Delete account functionality added.

  • 62892

    Hybrid web dashboard UI/UX enhancements.

  • 63063

    Hybrid app dashboard UI/UX enhancements.

  • 63768

    Date of birth verification popup added.

  • 63657

    Added Altria tier 3 required survey pop up.

  • 63659

    Added Altria tier 3 required consent pop up.

  • 63714

    Added Pre-EAIV prompt for Altria tier 3 EAIV requirement.

  • 63704

    Added all set pop up for after user completes EAIV requirement and implement logic that saves verification status.

  • 63733

    Added Altria tier 3 required controls in Control Center for in app promotions and data distribution.

  • 63745

    Added Altria tier 3 required 21+ stylized offers page with in app promotions.

  • 63733

    Added Altria tier 3 required marketing emails, metric collection, and Control Center changes to allow for data distribution.

  • 63720

    Logic added to connect Loyal-n-Save with FTx Identity for EAIV verification.

  • 63731

    Added banner notification to store page for Altria tier 3 requirements.

  • 64154

    Implemented new account recovery and registration flows with the FTx Core login system for user to avoid previously reported issues.

  • 65617

    Integrated FTx Core into Loyal-n-Save and added FTx Core my account settings page for user to control personal information and login information.

  • 65780

    Branded site QR code enhancement.

  • 66174

    Branded site implementation of core login system.

  • 63038

    Added back button to sign up page.

  • 63041

    Resolved delete account link issues along with other helpful links for user.

  • 63051

    Added default country code to +1 for USA.

  • 64020

    Resolved merged accounts issue.

  • 63060

    Resolved UI/UX issues in store locations map.

  • 63395

    Improve user consent verbiage and allow to skip.

  • 53853

    Improve code showing issue in campaign details.

  • 64883

    Resolved customer coupon expiration date error.