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How Does Loyal-n-Save Help Businesses?

You have a few options when it comes to signing up

referral marketing campaigns

Acquire New Customers and Grow Your Business

Create and promote referral campaigns to attract more customers to your store through Word-of-mouth marketing (WOM marketing). Loyal-n-Save lets you build referral marketing campaigns from scratch and promote them on multiple channels to increase outreach and customer acquisition. Offer exciting rewards to both referred and advocate customers and motivate them to become loyal, regular customers.

Create and Manage Campaigns

Our campaign builder tool helps you build campaigns and acquire new customers depending on your business type.

Omnichannel Promotions

Promote your business through Loyal-n-Save loyalty programs across various online and offline channels.

Seamless Onboarding

Offer a fast and hassle-free onboarding process to new customers.

loyalty program management

Drive Consistent Customer Engagement

Loyal-n-Save helps you tackle the biggest loyalty program management challenge for merchants — lack of activity and engagement. Keep your customers engaged and encourage them to shop regularly, refer your business to their friends, and earn reward tokens that they can redeem for cash, discounts, or merchandise through innovative loyalty program features like team builder and swag shops. Nowadays, loyalty is more than just offering reward tokens; it's about keeping the customer engaged and excited, even when they're not shopping with you. With Loyal-n-Save, you can become a top-of-mind brand by communicating regularly with your customers through different engagement strategies.

Add New Events

Add new events and rewards to your loyalty program to actively encourage customers to participate.

Communicate With Customers

Connect with your customers by SMS, push notification, and email to keep them engaged.

Increase Revenue

Increased engagement positively impacts your business revenue

customer retention program

Retain Customers and Turn Them into Advocates

Make customer retention your intention, and turn customers into loyal brand advocates through innovative features like team builder, umbrella loyalty, and swag shops. Loyal-n-Save is an API-first loyalty experience solution that helps merchants drive customer retention and business growth. Offer your customers personalized experiences, exciting rewards, and loyalty benefits, turning them into repeat customers. The team builder is also a great way to help businesses retain employees.

Offer Personalized Experiences

Provide personalized customer experiences to boost satisfaction and drive retention

Omnichannel Customer Engagement

Engage your customers across online and offline channels by implementing loyalty programs on the app, website, and in-store

Powerful Reporting and Analytics

Leverage data to identify customer buying behavior and make informed decisions

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Loyalty program management solution

What Is Loyal-n-Save?

Loyal-n-Save is a loyalty program management solution that helps merchants create and implement customer-centric programs. The API based system integrates seamlessly with all websites, ecommerce stores, and POS systems which means you can boost retention rates without changing your operations or going through disruptive changes!

Loyal-n-Save is an easy-to-use all-in-one solution that enables you to build and execute unique strategies to acquire, engage, and retain customers through features like team builder, umbrella loyalty, user engagement, campaign builder, and swag shops.

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Fully Customizable Loyalty Program

Your Business. Your Customers. Your Plan.

Loyal-n-Save has several beneficial features that your business can utilize to increase customer retention and ROI. Create customized campaigns, send mobile push notifications and emails, and drive healthy competition between members with the gamified mobile app.

Marketing Portal

Manage your campaigns, customers, Swag Shop, and more through our user-friendly back-end portal.

Swag Shop

Upload exclusive merchandise such as t-shirts or hats for customers to redeem their tokens from right in the app!

Mobile App

Meet your customers where they are: their phones. Customers can join stores and campaigns, view their tokens, and much more.

Branded Keytags

Give customers physical branded loyalty cards that can double as gift cards and let them use the virtual punch card on their mobile app.

Customer Experience

Create a personal connection with your customers and enhance their overall experience at your business with Loyal-n-Save. With exclusive insight into your customer's shopping behaviors, you have the ability to personalize each customer's experience with your store and make them feel special. In return, they will feel more obligated to tell their family and friends about your business.

loyalty rewards program

Loyal-n-Save not only engages your existing customers, but its unique marketing approach also introduces hundreds of new customers to your store through qualified word-of-mouth referrals.

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customer loyalty program

Loyal-n-Save gives you the ability to manage and target personalized offers and notifications across all channels: including mobile, web, email, and social media for optimal customer and community engagement.

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customer loyalty and retention

With Loyal-n-Save, you can easily keep track of your customers and campaigns through reports that track what product/service and customer group is generating more profit for your business and when it's happening.

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Loyal-n-Save Features

Loyal-n-Save is a complete loyalty experience management system that enables merchants to manage all their loyalty program requirements in one place.

umbrella loyalty program

Umbrella Loyalty Program

The umbrella loyalty program is a unique offering by Loyal-n-Save. It enables merchants to bring multiple brands under an umbrella and allows customers to redeem loyalty rewards with any of the brands. The umbrella loyalty program upgrades traditional coalition loyalty programs to enable all participating merchants to increase brand awareness and loyalty.

customer loyalty programs

User Engagement

User engagement is the heart of every business's customer loyalty program. Loyal-n-Save enables merchants to bond with customers beyond transactional relationships. The solution helps you deliver relevant and personalized engagement across channels to drive continued user engagement.

loyalty campaigns

Campaign Builder

Campaign Builder is an intuitive dashboard for business marketers that builds loyalty campaigns and promotes them across online and offline channels. The solution also lets you personalize loyalty campaigns as per your target customers. Whether you want to run a loyalty campaign that increases your brand's awareness and customer acquisition or a campaign that retains and rewards loyal customers, the FTx Loyalty Program's Campaign Builder feature has got you covered.

customer referral campaigns

Team Builder

Team Builder lets you implement a unique referral marketing infrastructure for your business to get genuine word-of-mouth publicity and increased sales. Team builder benefits consumers, firms, and cashiers whenever anyone from the team makes a purchase. Customers can refer your store or business to their friends, colleagues, family, etc. and add them to their team using your referral link or code and earn bonus reward tokens whenever they shop. Cashiers will also earn from their teams through team builder, thus increasing cashier retention. How? Find out more about our team-building features now!

swag shop loyalty program

Swag Shop

The Swag Shop is an exclusive store that allows merchants to upload unique merchandise such as t-shirts or hats for customers to redeem their reward tokens right from the app! They can also redeem their punch cards and loyalty reward tokens in the store. With Swag Shop, you can offer one-of-a-kind items that customers can redeem and become your brand ambassadors.

Who Should Use Loyal-n-Save?

Everyone! All businesses with a physical & online store with vision to grow their business and improve customer experience can use Loyal-n-Save loyalty management software.

Retail Businesses

Loyal-n-Save is suitable for all retail stores, including grocery, convenience, tobacco & vape, and liquor stores. Retailers can use our loyalty solution to increase foot traffic in their stores, get more sales, and boost customer loyalty.


Large hotel chains, restaurant chains, and retail businesses with multiple outlets can use Loyal-n-Save to streamline customer loyalty management requirements. Our solution consolidates all your loyalty programs in one place.

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loyalty management software

Hear it from Our Happy Clients

Smokers Choice

Our problem solved: a way to communicate and engage with our customers on a platform they actually use. We use social media like Instagram and Facebook, but we just don't get the participation rates we want. Loyal-n-Save gives us the credibility and voice we needed to increase our customer engagement.

Smokers Choice

Vapers Choice

We were pleasantly surprised with our ROI from Loyal-n-Save. It didn't take us very long to get set up and running, and we found that customers' really enjoyed participating in our campaigns and earning from friends. It's cool too, because they were able to redeem tokens in our online Swag Shop for items that were given to us by manufacturers!

Vapers Choice


We knew that opening a restaurant meant we needed to have a loyalty program. Loyal-n-Save gave us the tools to get people into our place during those slow week nights. Plus, the detail view of our customer analytics is super helpful when identifying top customers.



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