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Important Tips To Help Grocers Build Online Customer Loyalty

It is common knowledge that the grocery store industry is going through a significant shift. The pandemic saw a spike in the demand for online grocery delivery services, and what’s reassuring is that it is still present. One study found that about 45% of customers are now purchasing more groceries online than they were before COVID-19. Digital stores make use of this opportunity to fine-tune their online infrastructure and maintain their online customers.

Independent stores can compete with large industry giants by providing a specialized shopping experience with same-day pick-up and delivery options. Even while same-day delivery services take care of the sudden issue, 86% of grocery store owners are not happy with online profitability. Independent grocery store owners are looking for strategies to build online customer loyalty using the lessons learned through COVID-19. Stores want to seize the chance and give customers a fantastic online shopping experience so they can complete the transaction happily and satisfactorily and come back for more.

Third-Party Options vs. Being Completely Independent

While third-party partners increase your customer base, they are not concerned with your store’s best interests. Being independent enables you to personalize the experience for your customers, including offering suggestions and upselling possibilities that are appropriate to their tastes and ensuring quality control of goods like fruits and vegetables. However, many people might not feel confident about the online upgrade because businesses are still bouncing back. Registering on a platform devoted to grocery eCommerce can help you serve your customers well, as such providers are more aware of the industry’s specific needs. To improve your ROI over time, make sure you receive technical and marketing assistance from the service provider.

Customer loyalty means grabbing the attention of a customer at every step of their journey. You’ve made progress in building brand awareness by requiring your customers to place direct orders with your store. Better campaigning and branded packaging can increase online store sales.

Promoting the online store is a component of the strategy to build a devoted customer base and open doors to increase your brand loyalty. You can also introduce a variety of special deals, offers, and coupons to boost exposure and sales. Using a POS system, you may link your offline and online promotional campaigns and improve connections with customers. Grocery stores think they require a partner to assist them. However, businesses require a POS system that enables them to cultivate smart business thinking and employ the right approach to increase customer loyalty.

Choose an Effective Loyalty Program

Given the different shopping options, customers look out for opportunities where they can gain instant rewards and customized benefits. With constant competition out there, grocers should step up their efforts to develop customer loyalty programs. A successful loyalty program offers a full-proof mix of personalized rewards and recognition features that work according to the shopper’s behavior. Store owners should efficiently leverage customer data to deliver a high level of customization and relevance. It will help create an emotional and deeper connection and long-lasting loyalty.

Creating a rewards program for grocery stores that makes customers feel unique may be challenging. Weekly discounts and reduced pricing won’t hold up over time against powerhouses like Amazon. However, that doesn’t mean things end here. Customer loyalty programs for grocery stores can be unique, highly rewarding, and customized to provide customers with a great experience. Utilizing analytics and insights, Loyal-n-Save effectively administers unique loyalty programs to improve a customer’s experience and the buying process. Both online and offline programs are included.

The online loyalty program options include:

Customized Coupons/Reward Tokens: Customers are provided coupons and reward tokens based on their interests after an evaluation of their purchasing habits and shopping behavior has been made. Customers are pleased and come back to your business to redeem it as a result.

Omnichannel promotions: It’s critical to engage customers across a variety of channels. You should promote your loyalty program via emails, messaging, social media platforms, and other places in addition to your website. Even if they forget it, it serves as a reminder for them, and they will still come back.

Team Builder: Of course, sharing a link with your friends, family, and coworkers only requires a few taps. Shoppers can receive rewards for referring friends to the store, and as long as they spread the word and bring in new customers, store owners can also benefit.

With the best customer loyalty programs for grocery stores, grocery store owners will experience seamlessness in their existing programs. It will benefit the grocery store owners by bringing shoppers back to their stores. It will boost their sales and make them stand out in the competitive space.

So, what are you waiting for? Create a loyalty program for your grocery store that will set you apart from the competition. Consider alternatives to the norm and choose the one that will work best for you.

This article was written by Loyal-n-Save, an omni-channel customer loyalty solution for retailers looking to increase customer retention and new customer acquisition.


Independent grocery stores need to create a distinctive loyalty program to stand out from the competition in this cutthroat market.

Loyal-n-Save offers loyalty programs depending on the particular requirements and preferences of the customers. It analyzes data on customer shopping patterns and then recommends the ideal loyalty program model for you.

Online campaigning and loyalty programs have increased significantly since the pandemic. They are among the best strategies for attracting devoted customers.

You can contact our specialists at Loyal-n-Save to determine which loyalty program is best for you.


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Posted on Jul 21, 2022


Danielle Dixon

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