5 Tips for Earning a Customer's Loyalty for Your Tobacco Business

5 Tips for Earning a Customer's Loyalty for Your Tobacco Business

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68% of millennials said that they wouldn't be loyal to a brand if it didn't offer an effective loyalty program, and this applies to almost all businesses. Loyal customers help to promote the brand and acquire new customers. However, exposing your customers to loyalty and patronage is important to gaining their engagement, trust, and devotion to your business. While making a customer buy something from your store is amazing, making them return an item entails more effort.  

Here are a few tips to help you earn customer loyalty for your tobacco business:  

Take Care of Your Customers by Rewarding Their Loyalty  

Your customers are your biggest asset. It is important to make them feel loved and wanted. And one of the best ways to do it is by giving them loyalty rewards. You can always offer the best deals on products like coupons, discounts, or birthday greetings to reward them every time they visit your store. The more customers buy, the more chances they have to win higher discounts and earn personalized attention from the store. These little discounts and thank-you gestures will create a long-lasting relationship and encourage repeat visits. Sharing updates about your new launches or providing links to a great deal is a good way to reward customers for supporting your business. 

Personalize Their Product Recommendations  

Every customer has a specific favorite, and when it comes to tobacco, there is a small chance they would turn away from your business. You can collect such data and personalize their recommendations using an effective loyalty program. Choose effective tobacco store loyalty programs from Loyal-n-Save and use their most valuable tools to collect data. 

You can connect your POS to your website to gain insight into your customers' accounts, shopping habits, and other information. Provide them with an additional convenience layer by offering them their preferred choices so they can shop comfortably at your store. It will assist you in automating personalized product recommendations. 

Offer Referral Rewards  

While online reviews play a vital role, word-of-mouth marketing is equally important. In today’s time, when the competition is so steep, customers look for the best products at the best rates. They want a mesmerizing shopping experience, and tobacco stores are no different. Using a tobacco store rewards program, you can offer them an exclusive discount, a free product, or personalized referral rewards. 

Enhancing reward opportunities for your customers makes referrals, not just the store's effort. Using the best loyalty reward program, you can send e-newsletters to share your referral incentives with existing customers. Adding a time limit on the reward will help you push your customers to share the information with their friends and colleagues. 

For instance, a one-month incentive can offer rewards like a 50% discount on their next order in the next 10 days, a 30% discount within the next 10 days, and 10% in the last 10 days. Using fun and engaging loyalty programs can help you attract millennials, who are the major tobacco customers, and develop long-lasting relationships. 

Incentivize Their Feedback  

If a customer offers feedback on your product, why not offer them a reward? Using retail loyalty programs for tobacco stores, you can incentivize the feedback or reviews of your customers. According to a 2014 BrightLocal survey, 88% of customers read reviews to determine a local business’s quality.  

By using the right loyalty program for your business, you can offer appealing discounts, rewards, and gifts to your customers. You can also offer them reward tokens that can be redeemed on their next purchase. It also works as an amazing marketing effort and also boosts sales. 

Launch an Enrollment Promo  

Offering 50 reward tokens on a customer’s first purchase or 50% off on a specific product purchase is a good way to initiate sales. You can also offer a gift to customers for simply enrolling in the loyalty program. However, should a tobacco company do this before any sales? Customers will readily sign up for your loyalty rewards program, which will help you develop a long-term relationship with them. Brands can use this opportunity to make their customers loyal. Leaving a positive impression on your customers helps you stand out from the competition. 


By developing retail loyalty programs for tobacco stores, you can attract new customers and retain the old ones. It also broadens your customer demographic and develops deeper, long-term relationships. You can check out Loyal-n-Save loyalty programs for your tobacco business and discuss the best solutions with a Loyal-n-Save consultant today.  


1. Can I have a reward token-based program for my tobacco store?  

Yes. A reward token-based program is the most effective loyalty program for tobacco stores.  

2. Can I have multiple loyalty programs? 

Yes, you can have multiple loyalty programs to incentivize the purchase of different products. You can link one product to different loyalty programs if you wish.  

3. How do I use tobacco loyalty programs for multiple locations?  

You can use the Campaign Builder feature to promote your loyalty programs on multiple channels using limitless campaign options.  

4. Can a tobacco loyalty program be gamified?  

Yes. Launching loyalty games in your loyalty program would be wise. Gamification attracts and engages customers.  


This article was written by Loyal-n-Save, an omni-channel customer loyalty solution for retailers looking to increase customer retention and new customer acquisition.
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