Get Inspiration from These 7 Customer Loyalty Program Ideas

Get Inspiration from These 7 Customer Loyalty Program Ideas

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Customer loyalty is of paramount importance to businesses as it is why sales go up and how the brand reputation gets a good boost in the market. However, it doesn’t happen quickly. To make your loyalty programs work and achieve the desired results, great effort and proper planning is required. Nonetheless, with careful planning and loyalty implementation, program ideas can win the loyalty of your customers in time.  

It is essential to reward and offer value to your customers for being loyal to your brand and showing their faith and trust in it. It will help them stick to your brand for a long period of time. For this reason, it is essential to find some impressive loyalty program ideas to incentivize customers. In this blog, we will be discussing some exceptional customer loyalty program ideas that you can try out to get the best results from your loyalty programs. 

1. Simplify the Reward Points System  

It makes sense to simplify the reward points system so that customers can benefit from it. A rewards system with a complex structure makes it difficult to attract customers. A good example is where customers make a purchase and earn points in rewards. These points can be redeemed later, when a special discount arrives, or can be used to benefit from special services.  

2. Create WOW Moments Via Loyalty Programs  

You can create WOW moments for customers, which prove to be one of the best loyalty programs ever. Top brands mainly prefer to employ this customer retention strategy, so you can also choose to follow this suit. For instance, you can choose to email reward points or choose to send cake on special occasions like birthdays or anniversaries. It is the best way to show your customers love, affection, and value.  

3. Give Rewards for References  

Acquiring new customers is very tough and expensive compared to maintaining existing customers. For this reason, several businesses always make efforts to reduce churn rates and keep customers happy and satisfied. Therefore, it is imperative to focus on retaining the existing customers rather than stretching your efforts to win new customers. Encourage your current customers to promote your brand and reward them for providing references. Consider rewarding both existing and new customers by offering attractive deals and discounts, which they can benefit from for their next purchase.  

4. Provide Freebies for Purchases  

Customers often expect gifts and other rewarding stuff for their purchases. It also encourages them to repurchase from your brand. Whatever the brand offers, be it in money or another form, customers will love this. It also provides an excellent opportunity for customers to try out new products and services before they are launched. Several businesses look forward to opportunities to add some great value and worth to different charity programs and give something back to society.  

5. Partner with Other Companies to Provide Better Offers 

By doing strategic partnerships with other companies, you can retain customers. These plans are consistently among the top customer engagement strategies for businesses. You can use small business loyalty program ideas, which help boost sales without spending a considerable amount of money.  

It helps in leveraging the customer base of the partner company, which can help in further sales. To achieve success with this type of loyalty program, you first need to consider the customer’s needs and buying behavior to better select the company’s fit for the partnership. It will make your customers feel special and cared for, and they will be ready to walk the extra mile in order to offer them the best.  

6. Support Noble Causes with Reward Points  

Most customers usually support noble causes, and if they find the reason worthwhile, they will readily contribute to it. Try to find creative ways to make your eCommerce loyalty program ideas unique from others.  

7. Gamification 

It will prove to be an excellent engaging tool for customers and it motivates them to purchase. You can consider introducing elements of engaging your customers and keeping them motivated to buy more from your store. Even digital gamification via location-based check-ins and social sharing permits customers to collect points that can be used in the store. You can also try other loyalty marketing incentives to retain customers and make them come back to your store.  

Loyalty programs can prove to be a great tool to retain existing customers and acquire new ones. However, it depends on your business objectives. Therefore, consider the taste and preferences of modern-day customers before deciding on loyalty program ideas.  


 1. How can the collected customer data be used? 

You can use the collected customer data to help with your marketing and advertising strategy. With a loyalty program, you can segment your data, which is great for target marketing. You can get detailed insights about who your best customers are, who has come back to shop, and which products are selling and which aren’t. You can also choose to send customized messages to your customers and promote your products/services in a meaningful way.  

2. How do I make my loyalty programs successful?  

Before you plan to create loyalty programs, it is crucial to avoid pitfalls at any cost. If the loyalty program doesn’t succeed in increasing customer loyalty or retention, it would be a total waste and can become a liability for your business. To make your loyalty programs successful, you must follow the points below: 

  • Engage with customers on different levels  

  • Offer great customer experience through personalization  

  • Businesses should create customizable rewards programs

3. How can I join the Loyal-n-Save loyalty program? How much does it cost? 

To join the Loyal-n-Save loyalty program, you need to register and sign up to create your account. There are no fees or charges for joining our loyalty program.  

4. What customer activities can you reward with a loyalty rewards program?  

You can reward customers for both transaction and non-transactional activities. You can reward customers by implementing the loyalty program reward items below:  

  • Points for purchase  

  • Website visits  

  • Creating account  

  • Referrals and reviews  

  • Social sharing  

  • Newsletter signups 

This article was written by Loyal-n-Save, an omni-channel customer loyalty solution for retailers looking to increase customer retention and new customer acquisition.
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Douglas Nolan
Written by Douglas Nolan

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