Start Your Pet Store Loyalty Program with These Tips and Tricks

Start Your Pet Store Loyalty Program with These Tips and Tricks

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If you operate a pet store and genuinely want to practice customer retention and conduct business, you should think about developing pet store loyalty programs for your customers. You can create customized loyalty program solutions to empower your business and differentiate it from competitors. Believe it or not, loyalty or rewards programs can be a defining factor between pet store owners and their customers. Store owners must generate regular business from their loyal customers and establish a healthy and long-lasting relationship with pet owners in their community.  

Through pet store loyalty programs, business owners can thank their devoted customers for their business and service by offering exclusive discounts, special giveaways, and other perks. The value, simplicity, and exclusivity of loyalty programs determine whether they are successful or unsuccessful. As a pet store merchant, the success of your business depends on your existing customers. Therefore, to drive customer retention and build customer loyalty for your brand, you need to create a loyalty solution for pet shops. 

With loyalty programs, you can retain loyal customers for a long time. Having a loyalty program will also make your customers visit the store more frequently. Gaining repeat business from customers is crucial, especially when you have several competitors in the market. A loyalty program has an imperative role here and can work wonders for your business. These rewards programs encourage customers to shop and earn rewards, which leads to them frequenting your business repeatedly to earn rewards. Apart from this, it is essential to start tracking your visitor activity to pinpoint your loyal customers, how often they visit, and what motivates them.  

Why is It Necessary for Pet Store Owners to Launch a Rewards Program?  

High Competition 

By 2027, pet care eCommerce will increase by roughly $66 billion. Avoid price competition with newcomers in the retail sector by providing greater value through a loyalty program.  

Expensive Acquisition  

There are increased chances of advertising costs in these competitive times. The primary role of a loyalty program is to drive acquisition cost. A loyalty program’s main purpose is to increase acquisition cost efficiency and help in converting current customers into brand advocates who recommend the business to others.  


The eCommerce world is unbiased by nature, and about 70% of pet owners say they shop online, and it’s crucial to maintain an emotional connection.  

To assist you in launching your pet store rewards program, we’ve provided the following tips and tricks: 

1. Brand-Incentivized Frequent Buyer Programs  

Several food store brands offer a specific percentage off and other category and department level discounts for building in-store and online in your web store. Creating a loyalty program that can be customized both on your website and in your brick-and-mortar locations that incentivizes repeat purchases is vital to creating a loyal customer base.  

2. Offer Benefits/Discounts  

Several brands offer “buy one, get one free” deals. These deals promote loyalty for the long term, and customers can take advantage of them when they have bought a minimum quantity, which leads to repeat business. It can be daunting to track purchase history across multiple transactions, locations, and channels. You can offer these benefits to your customers both online and in-store. 

3. Exchange Loyalty Points 

Customers have become more loyal through experiential rewards than through discounted products. Through a brick-and-mortar location, you can consider offering rewards that demonstrate your expertise or display facilities provided by you. If you want to increase customer loyalty, think about giving away things like free dog grooming services, free stays at your pet hotel, or anything else. You improve the likelihood that customers will return to your store to buy pet food by putting this plan into action.  

4. Guidance and Resources  

Pet ownership is not an easy task. A little expert guidance can go a long way. Establish yourself as a reliable resource for information on pet care, training, and grooming needs. You can make your brand a need in the life of a pet owner.  

You can consider any of the following as a potential loyalty program solution for retail pet stores: 

Reward Customers with Loyalty Points  

Consider rewarding your loyal customers by offering them loyalty points for their purchases and on-site activities. The activities include enrolling in the loyalty program, customer reviews, referrals, social media follows, shares, and more. Create pet store loyalty programs that make a difference.  

Brand Advocacy 

Encourage customer advocacy by thanking your loyal customers for their recommendations to your business or positive online reviews. This affordable customer acquisition strategy promotes the trust of your customers.  

Maintain Customer Engagement Between Purchases 

To promote your brand’s value and upsell and cross-sell products that can be customized for your customers’ needs, send loyalty emails to your most devoted customers.  

Build an Emotional Connection  

Each component of a loyalty program can be altered and connected to it separately. Components of on-brand loyalty that stage the customer journey from product to post-purchase pages can be easily customized wherever that is necessary.  

Final Thoughts 

Retain valuable customers by setting up a pet store rewards program for your pet care store. It is easier to sell products to loyal customers than to new ones. Through loyalty programs, you can increase customer lifetime value for your pet store.  

This article was written by Loyal-n-Save, an omni-channel customer loyalty solution for retailers looking to increase customer retention and new customer acquisition.
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