The Do's and Don'ts of a CBD Loyalty Program

The Do's and Don'ts of a CBD Loyalty Program

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The cannabis retail market has become competitive, making it tougher and costlier to attract new customers and retain current ones. Implementing a personalized CBD loyalty program as a promotional element of your company’s marketing strategy can enhance basket sizes, increase customer visits, and generate targeted marketing prospects for better results.   

If done right, they help your store enjoy immense popularity, encouraging consistent purchases from your best customers. If left unattended, they will deteriorate the sales, and customers will not think once before abandoning the products and switching to your competitor. 

Here is a list of dos and don’ts for you when it comes to loyalty program solutions for CBD stores: 

The Do’s  

  • Choose CBD Loyalty Software  

You need an integrated software solution for an optimized loyalty program. It helps develop sustainable relationships with consumers. While punch cards were a good reward program element, they have lost their charm. Today, you have several software solutions that allow CBD stores to develop and enhance their reward programs to prompt better future purchases. 

When choosing a loyalty program, it is essential to check the current CRM, POS, and web platform. These software solutions help automate and maintain your loyalty program and boost customer retention, conversion, and management. They also support retailers in managing their customer relationships.  

  • Personalize the Program  

Customers are not mere numbers on your sales sheet. They are people and should be treated with high regard. Personalize your program by knowing their preferences and needs. Begin by segmenting your customers by location, age, buying preferences, and other factors affecting their purchase. Once the segregation is done, you can customize the loyalty program accordingly. You can develop a steady and long-lasting customer relationship by building a customized CBD rewards program. Your loyalty program may include discounts on specific products, points on a few products, and offers on other products that encourage them to come back for more. 

  • Easy Sign-Up and Amazing Free Gifts or Discounts  

If joining a loyalty program is simple, more and more prospects will join it. So, make sure you make the sign-up process simple and reward your customers with bonus sign-up points when they register. For instance, 100 redeemable points on their sign-up is a good option. It helps you engage them to make their first purchase and redeem the points. 

  • Tier-Based Loyalty Programs  

Making your customer feel valued depending on their contribution is a great idea. Hence, you can choose a tier-based loyalty program solution for CBD stores to make them feel special for their amazing shopping. By enhancing their position in your tier-based loyalty program, you can provide them with better rewards as they climb the purchasing ladder. The level up will motivate your customers to make more purchases. 

  • Omnichannel Promotion  

Of course, influencer marketing is the best strategy for any business's growth. You can choose a loyalty program in the CBD industry and promote it on different channels, from social media to websites and other platforms. Using influencers to promote your loyalty program will attract a large chunk of your audience. 

The Don’ts  

  • Do Not Launch and Forget  

It is important to remain involved in a loyalty program after launching it. Make sure you market it efficiently. It should be an integral part of your marketing strategy. If you just launch the program and forget it, its impact will remain zero. 

  • Don’t Make It Complex  

Simplification is the key to the success of a loyalty program solution for CBD stores. Don’t make the program difficult for the customers to understand. Keep it simple and make sure it focuses on the things it should. 

  • Never Question Irrelevant Things  

For your loyalty program enrollment, make sure you only ask relevant questions. For instance, if you plan to send messages and emails, asking for a physical address is a waste of time. That said, only ask for relevant data you can use in your program. 

  • Do Not Compromise Your Product Quality  

While loyalty programs are supportive, they will never gain a customer if your product is not good. Therefore, make sure your CBD products are of high quality. The Loyal-n-Save platform is one of the best loyalty rewards program providers for the CBD industry. It helps you win loyal customers who are with you throughout your journey. Loyal-n-Save will offer the best CBD loyalty program to increase customer retention and customer acquisition and boost your sales. The company changes the way your customers perceive your product and business. 


1. How can customers sign up? 

Signing up is simple. Customers can easily make an account with Loyal-n-Save and get access to the best CBD loyalty program.  

2. How does the loyalty program for CBD stores work? 

Depending on the loyalty program a CBD store has opted for, they can make it work. For instance, a reward token-based program will help them redeem a few dollars for the reward tokens they have won. For a tier-based program, they will be offered reward tokens depending on their purchase and engagement.  

3. Is there a limit to how many reward tokens can be earned?  

Every reward token is worth something. There is no upper or lower limit to the number of reward tokens a customer earns. The more reward tokens they have, the more they can save on their purchase.  

4. Where can the reward tokens be redeemed?  

The reward tokens are redeemed on the Checkout page. The CBD store will ask the customer if they have reward tokens. They can add the code there and redeem reward tokens in seconds.  

This article was written by Loyal-n-Save, an omni-channel customer loyalty solution for retailers looking to increase customer retention and new customer acquisition.
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Douglas Nolan
Written by Douglas Nolan

He believes in solving real problems with realistic technological solutions that stand the test of time. Seeing his clients struggle to retain consumers, Douglas decided to help his clients by offering affordable and top-class loyalty solutions. Doug loves transforming the lives of his employees by assisting them to develop a solid blend of TQ (Technology Quotient) & SQ (Spiritual Quotient) to excel in their professional & personal lives.

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