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Strategies for Attracting Pet Owners to Your Offline and Online Store

Strategies for Attracting Pet Owners to Your Offline and Online Store

Since 2020, as there have been more pet enthusiasts than ever, estimates for the global pet industry’s revenue have increased. Pets are adored and cherished. Their owners provide them with good-quality food, personalized clothing, and premium toys. This indicates that the pet business is booming. Therefore, aspiring business people must set up online or brick-and-mortar pet stores. It’s an excellent career opportunity.

But how can you draw in customers? The main concern is how to become well-liked by pet owners. You need a few suggestions and methods to help you attract the interest of your potential customers. These tips can help you get going. Below, we’ve included a handful you absolutely must try:

Tips and Tricks to Draw Pet Owners to Your Pet Business

1. Social Media

Social media is now the most important platform for business promotion. As a result, it can offer your brick-and-mortar or online pet store the perfect platform to expand and thrive. The majority of business owners think that using social media for marketing is one of the greatest ways to get started. Furthermore, satisfied customers will spread the word about it.

The majority of pet owners typically follow pages and profiles that could help them take better care of their pets. This helps in their learning about cutting-edge techniques, trends, and products that might benefit their furry pals as well. For instance, a number of pet stores have Instagram accounts where they upload videos and pictures of different pets trying their products, such as shampoo, clothing, and many others.

To view entertaining or educational pet videos and memes, pet owners use social media websites and apps. They stop and scroll through posts on animals, which can make them laugh. Posting on social media is the best approach to attract pet lovers’ attention to your pet shop. So, try posting amusing memes or pet-related information. For your store, it can create likes and potential customers.

2. Network

To expand your network and get involved in your community, another suggestion is to join pet organizations. Participate in local trade shows and activities to showcase your goods and educate the community about your business. Consider doing some charitable work as well, as it attracts attention. You should consider contributing your time and effort to projects that address issues like animal welfare, pet rescue, etc. Events and loyalty programs for pet stores are other options. Although they might not have a direct impact on your sales, these programs can help you build the necessary connections to expand your business.

3. Start Your Pet Blog

A highly efficient method of attracting targeted audiences is blogging. It can very easily drive a ton of traffic to your brick-and-mortar or online store. It is estimated that business owners that blog receive significantly more visitors than those who don’t. The fifth most reliable source for gathering accurate online data is blogging.

Owners of pet stores can benefit in a variety of ways from blogging. The majority of pet owners like to study and research better ways to look after their little ones. They are open to recommendations and guidance and enjoy hearing about other pet owners’ experiences. Therefore, a blog can assist in growing a loyal following in both the local and online community for your brick-and-mortar or online store.

You can start a blog about owning a pet, pet care, and supplies. This appeals to pet owners since they are eager to learn more about how to better care for their animals. To make your blogs more interactive and engaging, you could also launch a pet supply store rewards program. For instance, pet owners can share intriguing ideas in the comments section on how to better care for their animals, and those who provide the best ideas can receive rewards from your business, which helps with promoting your business.

4. Referral Program

Positive word-of-mouth can help pet retailers draw in new customers. Pet owners are quite picky and only want to go to businesses that have gained the trust of their fellow customers. Before making a purchase, the majority of individuals prefer to obtain some customer experience. By establishing a referral program, you can motivate your current customers to tell others about their positive interactions with your business. To launch a referral program where you may provide your devoted customers freebies or discounts to encourage them to promote your business, you can try the loyalty program solution for retail pet businesses.

5. Loyalty Benefits and Solution

How do you keep your customers engaged and loyal? Finding a loyalty solution for your pet store is crucial if you want to retain your current customers. A solution like this will guarantee that your customers will keep making purchases from your store. To earn the hearts and loyalty of your customers, you can give incentives like scratch cards, discount deals, cashback offers, etc. It’s crucial to raise your pet store’s customer retention rate, both online and offline. Selling your products once is simple, but getting people to buy from you again and again is challenging. Long-term customer loyalty can be ensured through rewards and free gifts.

6. Email Marketing

Start email marketing to attract pet owners. You can send out personalized emails to pet owners and target potential leads. This makes it possible for customers to remember your company. You can share new products and service details or inform them about the latest deals and discount offers. You can personalize every message, increasing its effectiveness.


Once you know the right approaches, attracting pet owners is simple. Some strategies for raising brand awareness and steadily speeding sales include launching a blog, implementing a referral program, and increasing your social media presence. These suggestions may seem obvious to you, but they can have a big impact on the success of both your online and brick-and-mortar pet store.

This article was written by Loyal-n-Save, an omni-channel customer loyalty solution for retailers looking to increase customer retention and new customer acquisition.


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According to Statista, the pet food market alone is expanding at about 13 to 15% annually. This indicates that opening an online pet business is profitable if the right audience is targeted.

Pet retailers, both offline and online, can profit from the rapidly expanding pet industry. Therefore, it is advisable to open a pet store if you feel confident managing both options simultaneously.

Pet shop owners create rewards like coupons and deals to retain and attract customers. Business cards, flyers, etc., can be created to attract more customers to be displayed at animal-related stores and hospitals.


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Posted on Jul 28, 2022


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Strategies for Attracting Pet Owners to Your Offline and Online Store

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