How to Enhance Your Client's Loyalty Program Using Gamification

How to Enhance Your Client's Loyalty Program Using Gamification

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Since many businesses are now leveraging gamification, it’s important to create and maintain customer engagement. Introducing gamification activities into loyalty programs will motivate program participation among customers. You will realize the potential of your brand when gamification principles are included in it.  

Gamification helps motivate customers to take specific actions that will substantially benefit a business, including writing reviews and completing customer surveys. Businesses benefit from learning and studying customers’ preferences and buying behaviors, while customers can enjoy and reap the rewards earned. Some of the many gamified loyalty features that can be integrated into your business are badges, challenges, and leaderboards, which can be included in your loyalty program to make them innovative, rewarding, and engaging for your customers.  

How Does Gamification in Loyalty Programs Improve Customer Engagement?  

Games have been proved to be powerful tools that help reach and communicate with the audience. Gamification strategies help in drawing the attention of customers. Using different elements from the gaming world enables you to entertain users by enhancing their participation by promoting particular actions and behaviors.  

It also plays an imperative role in establishing an emotional connection with actual or potential customers by accelerating the loyalty program. Use gamification loyalty program strategies to get ahead of your competitors and provide clients with a creative and innovative loyalty program.  

Establish Clear Objectives & Know Your Clients  

Decide whether you want to target existing clients or if you’re looking to broaden your target audience. Listen and analyze your clients to understand their needs and wants. Customized gamified programs will help you provide customized solutions to create strong customer engagement.  

Numerous Reward Games 

It is imperative to find a happy medium between an overly complicated and overly simple marketing game in order to offer valuable and enjoyable experiences to customers. Setting up a loyalty program with different accessible and intuitive games will help people participate and come back more if they feel they’ll have a greater chance of winning. For this, rules must be easy to understand. To make your loyalty programs more appealing, you can consider giving away instant prizes to reward your clients.  

Create a Mobile Responsive Format  

Create a loyalty program that’s accessible through mobile phones. Several consumers use their smartphones to buy anything from online stores, whether it’s through an app or a search engine. You can encourage great client engagement if the loyalty program and rewards are adaptable to mobile phones. Developing a game-based mobile marketing program or competition helps provide ease of purchase and convenience for your clients.  

Use Social Media to Share Your Ideas 

Social Media can be considered an excellent tool for creating an active community and encouraging the sharing of marketing games. You can choose different social media platforms to circulate your game programs. Social media proves beneficial in meeting the objectives of the target audience and helps expand prospective clients. Competitions are a great way to improve your social media and help in increasing visibility. You can also choose to interact with clients by responding to their questions and comments.  

Display & Keep Track of Progress  

Allow your clients to view and track their progress and development in your loyalty program. They must stay updated about progress and be informed about how far they are from achieving their next reward. You can explain to your clients how they can reach the remaining levels of your loyalty program.  

Collect & Analyze the Data 

A successful loyalty program is one that regularly updates customer data. Data captured through a loyalty card and account creation proves useful for target promotions. Get additional information on your prospective clients as well. Analyze data to make the most out of your gamified loyalty program by adapting it to your clients. This information helps in enhancing your loyalty program, adapting to rewards depending on clients’ preferences, and measuring customer satisfaction.  

Save One Final Surprise for Last 

Bring an element of surprise to your loyalty program gamification. You can also set up random rewards as a part of your gamification, and it is important to encourage clients to take advantage of your offers and participate in your loyalty program. Clients love to receive surprises and unexpected gifts. They will be surprised to receive rewards from loyalty programs. Discuss and work with gamification experts to create a customized loyalty program that helps you get desired results. Thus, you can create the best gamification loyalty program when you implement these strategies.  


1. Why is gamification important in loyalty programs?  

Gamified experiences in loyalty programs can enable marketers to combine transactional and non-transactional actions, which play an imperative role in driving deeper engagement.  

2. What is the role of gamification in a loyalty program? 

The primary role of including gamification is to add gaming components to a loyalty program to encourage and engage customers to participate in a loyalty program. The rewards are still an ultimate incentive for joining one. A gamified process engages customers so they don’t lose interest.  

3. How can you create an innovative loyalty program? 

  • Loyalty tiers  

  • VIP loyalty tiers  

  • Gamification  

  • Personalization  

  • Loyalty rewards, incentives, and rewards program  

  • Loyalty earning rules 

  • Paid loyalty membership  

  • Notifications, reminders, and innovative advertising channels  

4. What makes gamification more effective? 

Gamification increases customer engagement by providing incentives to customers and complete activities. The added reward, even intangible, can encourage better listening and observation. The added reward, even if it is intangible, will help with listening better and good observation.  

This article was written by Loyal-n-Save, an omni-channel customer loyalty solution for retailers looking to increase customer retention and new customer acquisition.
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