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Loyal-n-Save: The Best Loyalty Management Solution Available for Your Business

A loyalty reward program offers an approach to surprise customers by rewarding them for interacting with your brand. Rewarding customers for their loyalty hits their emotional cores and helps to form a long-lasting relationship with them. However, the conventional referral and loyalty programs may not work in the current situation. You need an AI-powered platform to revolutionize it for you. Knowing what your customers find valuable is important—and everyone knows people love surprises.

This is where Loyal-n-Save comes in! It is a customer loyalty and retention solution that allows companies to execute client-centric loyalty program solutions and handle them in one place. With Loyal-n-Save, you get several enticing features to enhance your business and render better customer experience.

Why is Loyal-n-Save so popular among businesses?

Rewarding customers with Loyal-n-Save can be highly beneficial for your business. This is why hundreds of businesses in more than 15 industries have chosen it for their customer loyalty solutions and better customer retention.

  • User-friendly and simple to use: What makes Loyal-n-Save an appealing customer loyalty program solution is that it is extremely simple to use. The software doesn’t demand any technical abilities and features a limited learning curve. As a business, you and your team can easily get the hang of it within a few days.
  • Full-fledged customer retention software: Loyal-n-Save goes beyond an enterprise loyalty program management solution by offering a comprehensive customer acquisition and retention system that helps businesses run loyalty programs, advertising campaigns with ease.
  • Personalized and industry-oriented: You can get fully customizable solutions with Loyal-n-Save catering to the needs of your industry. Whether you own a grocery store or restaurant, Loyal-n-Save offers dedicated services to you. The software is customizable as per your requirements and business objectives.
  • Reliable backing: Being an FTx Global product, Loyal-n-Save has a big name to back it. FTx Global comes with a decade of experience in the retail sector and has helped many businesses acquire their business objectives.
  • Top-class customer assistance: What more could you expect from the best customer loyalty management system? Loyal-n-Save offers round-the-clock customer support. The in-house support team resolves all your issues, offering an amazing experience.

Benefits of choosing a Loyal-n-Save

Loyal-n-Save helps you enhance engagement with your new and old customers by rewarding them reward tokens for registering, making a purchase, writing reviews, and following and interacting with your business on social media.

Rewarding your customers with Loyal-n-Save is extremely beneficial for your business because of several reasons:

Developing long-term connections with customers

Nurturing a relationship with a customer is essential for any business-related startups. Without establishing relationships, it is tough to gain the loyalty of customers. Your loyal customers work as your brand advocates, so ensure you deliver a delightful experience to your store. The best way to win the loyalty of your customers is by rewarding them based on the money they spent at your business.

Stay ahead of your competition

In the United States, there are 3.3 billion loyalty memberships. Without a loyalty program for your business, you are behind your competitors. To stand in this cut-throat competition, it is imperative to put in the right efforts and understand the shopping trends and behaviors of your customers to make their lives better. Offering value to customers that they can’t get anywhere else works remarkably well in developing long-lasting relationships. Rewarding customers will help retain them and help you stay ahead of your competition.

API-first software with easy installation

Loyal-n-Save stands among the few loyalty program systems that can be used as an API. Hence, you don’t have to install it individually and sync it with your POS system. It seamlessly integrates with your POS system without any complications.

Cohesive loyalty with its umbrella loyalty program

For businesses with several stores, integrating a cohesive loyalty program is beneficial. With Loyal-n-Save’s umbrella loyalty program, you can allow your customers to redeem reward tokens anywhere, increasing higher customer engagement. Loyal-n-Save offers a cohesive loyalty program to your customers, making it easy to manage in one place.

Build campaigns for promotions

Every retail store owner needs to run advertising campaigns for their store to boost brand awareness and sales. Loyal-n-Save offers a built-in campaign development service to help you design advertising campaigns for different channels and track their performance from one place.

Swag Shop to manage rewards

A successful loyalty program depends a lot on the management of reward tokens. To make sure the customers remain loyal, you should offer them a chance to earn rewards in many ways and use them as they wish. The Swag Shop from Loyal-n-Save helps you create an online store for your business to motivate customers to earn discounts, coupons, and branded merchandise.

How is Loyal-n-Save the best loyalty management program solution?

Deals and Promotions

Loyal-n-Save allows your customers to shop at their favorite stores and earn reward tokens, which are redeemable for a variety of rewards. The best thing is that it is virtual; they don’t need to carry bulky wallets carrying loyalty cards with them. Though there is a physical Loyal-n-Save card available, a customer’s digital card is enough to save the day for them. Your customers can access all of your business’s special deals and offers from one place.

Team Rewards

Group shopping makes Loyal-n-Save a more enticing option for your customers. The more people they have under their sign-up link, the more reward tokens they will earn. Every time someone on their team buys something, they earn a percentage of their purchase. Also, if the people on your customer’s team give their sign-up link to their friends to sign up, your customer will earn reward tokens. Your customers can earn their team reward tokens even if they don’t purchase anything.


Your customers can enjoy loads of reward tokens with Loyal-n-Save. They can download the app, add friends, create teams, and track their earnings. They can even use social media to add more reward tokens to their account.

What are you waiting for? Doesn’t this prove that Loyal-n-Save is the best loyalty rewards management system available online? The following is how your customers can get all of these benefits:

  • They can download the app, sign up, and join your store to win reward tokens
  • They can share their sign-up link with everyone to earn passive income through Loyal-n-Save’s referral program
  • They can redeem their reward tokens on in-store purchases or in the Swag Shop

This article was written by Loyal-n-Save, an omni-channel customer loyalty solution for retailers looking to increase customer retention and new customer acquisition.



Every brand, irrespective of its type and size, needs a loyalty program. The Loyal-n-Save loyalty program works as a major marketing and customer retention equipment to boost your customer engagement retention and enhance loyalty and help a brand flourish.

When customers make a purchase or refer a brand to someone else, they are given an incentive in reward tokens. Customers can redeem these reward tokens and enjoy amazing rewards.

Any business can use the Loyal-n-Save loyalty program. However, a loyalty program should be digital. It should also provide multiple rewards to its customers and promote the program via various channels such as SMS, email, social media, push notifications, and more.

By using the Loyal-n-Save loyalty program, you can incentivize your customers with reward tokens, punch cards, online coupons, Swag Shop items, and freebies. The Loyal-n-Save loyalty program offers you an incentive structure according to your business objectives and model.


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Posted on May 31, 2022


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