3 Important Reasons Why Your Store Should Have a Tobacco Scan Data Incentive Program

3 Important Reasons Why Your Store Should Have a Tobacco Scan Data Incentive Program

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Convenience stores heavily rely on selling tobacco products, yet several of them miss out on opportunities to improve their sales and provide special discounts to customers. But how? You need to integrate scan data into your existing point of sale system and enroll yourself into a proper tobacco scan data program. Tobacco manufacturers like Altria, RJ Reynolds, and Imperial Brands (formally known as Imperial Tobacco Group) offer scan data programs.

Scan data collects customer data during the checkout process. The software then tracks tobacco shares and sales information and shares this data with big tobacco companies that offer rebates and discounts for tobacco stores to use. If you have to leverage the benefits of the Altria & RJ Reynolds tobacco scan data programs or any other scan data programs, then refer to 3 noteworthy reasons below why your convenience store should start now.


Scan Data Loyalty Programs

The Altria Tobacco Scan Data Loyalty Program or the RJ Reynolds Scan Data Program, loyalty programs reward retailers for assisting manufacturers in acquiring customers. Rebates are then offered to customers when they sell specific tobacco brands. However, there are many other benefits of a scan data loyalty program.

Not only does it boost sales at your business and retain customers, but adding a loyalty program will help reward customers and create loyalty for life. Scan data loyalty programs reward your customers for purchases at your store, working hand-in-hand with a POS (point of sale terminal) by offering discounts and store credit for certain products when they get scanned at checkout.

This type of loyalty program is easy to set up; all you need to do is determine the store credit amount given to clients per amount spent in your store. Some store owners might feel that giving out store credits and discounts might seem like a waste of money, but it pays off when you get more loyal clients at your store.

Benefits you get from loyalty programs like the Altria Tobacco Scan Data Loyalty Program or the RJ Reynolds Scan Data Program:

1. Retain Customers

It is easier to retain customers than it is to acquire new ones. Attracting new customers requires spending a great deal of money on advertising and marketing. It is better to retain customers and creat loyalty around your brand by offering them an impactful rewards program.

2. Customer Referrals

Believe it or not, receiving word-of-mouth referrals is the best free marketing method that will help you spread the word about your brand. Companies that offer great rewards and excellent discounts to customers motivate them to refer their brand to family and friends.

3. Customer Reviews

With the help of a scan data loyalty program, you can get customers on board and start receiving positive reviews about your business. Loyal followers will be more than happy to provide an honest assessment for what they think.

4. Increase Average Sales

Loyalty programs help you boost sales among customers, thanks to the incentive received from discounts or store credit. Offering a reward on purchases will entice customers to buy more.

5. Increase Sales of Non-selling Items

If some items are not selling and are not attracting customers, you should probably consider offering them a significant discount or store credit in order to sell these piled-up items from your stock. Customers might consider buying these products as a bargain, which helps you get rid of deadweight stock in less time.

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There are 3 Reasons Why Your Store Should Have a Tobacco Scan Data Incentive Program:

1. Consumer Analytics

Insights and analytics obtained from scan data can benefit your business in the best way. It is crucial to use scan data to make informed decisions within your convenience store.

When an item is scanned at the point of sale system in your store, data is collected by the POS system, which is known as scan data, and can be measured and compiled into reports. These reports can help provide information on customer purchases and behavior, for example, a specific month or around a particular holiday, in order to predict how they will buy in the future. It will allow you to make better inventory decisions, which helps in over-ordering or stockout issues.  

2. Tobacco Kickbacks

The lucrative and heavily rated tobacco products are vital in driving sales and profitability in convenience stores across the globe. Reputed tobacco vendors require scan data information in order to gain a detailed understanding of their consumers. Tobacco scan data incentive programs are created by extending their help to vendors by providing scanned data and earning rebates by monetizing data from your store.

Retailers who submit transactional level data from the POS system on a routine or weekly basis will receive rebates, multi-pack discounts, brand-funded promotions, and loyalty incentives. This helps create revenue for convenience stores without doing additional work as they get paid for scanned items.

3. Easy Integration & Training

Other significant benefits of scan data are the integration and training part. The general store uses the Altria Tobacco Scan Data Loyalty Program to make the whole process painless. You need to follow three steps to set up a scan data system: setup, report generation, and report sharing.

Scan data offers seamless integration to promote tobacco products and bring in additional revenue without a second thought. The best thing about scan data is that it helps establish analytics and tobacco kickbacks by spending minimal time on training and integration.


What is Tobacco Scan Data?

It consists of an incentive program made readily available by major tobacco companies like RJ Reynolds, Imperial Brands (formally known as Imperial Tobacco Group), and Altria.

What is a Scan Data Incentive Program?

It is a loyalty program in which retailers agree to frequently send customer details in the form of scan data reports to manufacturers in exchange for monetary compensation. It has a simple workflow. Store owners have to scan customers’ IDs when they purchase tobacco products and send the information to the brand’s manufacturer once they have collected data. In return, the manufacturer reimburses the store owners for their participation in the incentive program.

What Questions Should Be Considered When Selecting a Scan Data Incentive Program?

The following are some questions that need to be considered when selecting a scan data incentive program:

  • Does the incentive program offer automation?

  • Is the program secure?

  • How long will the setup process take?

  • Is the program flexible so that the compliance requirements of every state can be adjusted?

What are the Advantages of Creating a Scan Data Loyalty Program?

There are several benefits of creating a scan data loyalty program, including: 

  • Customer retention

  • Customer referrals

  • Customer reviews

  • Increasing average sales per customer

  • Selling slow-moving items

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