June Loyalty Updates

June Loyalty Updates

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We had a busy month here at Loyal~n~Save, and if you've been using our customer loyalty rewards program, then we're willing to bet you've had a busy month, too, boosting sales with loyalty incentives!

Our June articles took an in-depth look at the best loyalty campaign ideas to launch today. From strategies that attract new customers to implementing a referral rewards system that will expand your loyalty program, these articles supplied practical tips to market your retail business.

Missed a post? No problem! We've compiled summaries of each article for your reference. Without further ado, here's what you missed:


What customer loyalty rewards program campaign strategies work the best? Our first blog post of June tackled answering this question. We surveyed loyalty strategists across industries to find out the best campaign ideas. The article also contains industry-specific tips about how to apply each campaign idea within the biggest industries, but you'll have to read the full article if you want to learn the best loyalty campaign ideas for your particular industry. For now, here are the 5 loyalty campaign ideas, summarized for your convenience.

Get Your Employees Involved

Your cashiers, sales staff, managers, and associates are the frontline employees who interface with customers all day long. For this reason, your employees have a direct impact on your sales revenue. By offering your employees sales incentives for their involvement in promoting your loyalty program, you can boost sales even more in the long run. By rewarding your employees after each loyalty enrollment they make, you effectively motivate them to continue selling. Choose a loyalty rewards program that offers employee incentive rewards that will benefit your employees every time they enroll a new member.  

No Paper, No Plastic, Go Green

This loyalty campaign idea is all about the format of the loyalty program itself. Paper punch cards and plastic scan cards are becoming outmoded. The most popular loyalty programs today include a mobile app. Mobile apps are engaging, convenient, and best of all, way better for the environment than paper and plastic. When loyalty programs provide members with a mobile app, program engagement goes up, from browsing, to redeeming points, to paying quickly in a contactless manner at the in-store registers.

Get Social & Share Your Program Online

Social media has become one of the most powerful and effective marketing tools in existence for businesses all over the world regardless of their industry. There are many benefits to launching social media marketing campaigns in connection with your loyalty rewards program. Offer bonus points to your loyalty members to reward them for completing specific actions on social media, such as tagging your handle, using your hashtags, or otherwise plugging your retail brand on social media. 

Measure Engagement & Analyze Campaigns

As your loyalty members engage with your rewards program, the program software collects valuable customer data, including purchase histories, browsing histories, wishlist items, and so much more. If you're not in the habit of regularly reviewing your loyalty members' program activity, it's time to start logging into the program dashboard and analyzing the program engagement. The reason we decided to include this kind of data analysis on our list of loyalty campaign ideas is because designing personalized loyalty rewards campaigns for your segmented customer groups will yield the highest engagement of any campaign idea out there. 

Switch It Up For Fun Rewards

As a retailer, you want your shoppers to love your brand and rely on your products or services, which ultimately means that building relationships with your customers is important to you. A well-designed customer loyalty rewards program is an excellent marketing tool to foster customer relationships, and a key element in keeping member engagement high is to periodically switch up the fun. You can switch it up and keep your program fun and engaging by adding a new rewards structure, gamifying a pre-existing rewards tier, and even hosting a VIP event for your most active loyalty members.

For a list of specific loyalty campaign tips designed for your industry, be sure to read the full article.


Every retailer wants to attract shoppers, increase revenue, and expand their business. Both traditional location-based retailers and online sellers face challenges when it comes to securing customer loyalty. Gaining the loyalty of shoppers to the extent that they become loyal to one retailer—you—requires strategy and commitment on your end. Achieving a measurable increase in revenue is possible for your business when you offer a customer loyalty rewards program to your shoppers. Whether you own a retail location or eCommerce site, you can keep your customers engaged with your loyalty rewards program using the following 3 strategies that we developed in our second June article.  

First-Purchase Coupons 

Don't let the seemingly old-fashioned word coupon fool you. We aren't suggesting that you attempt to hand out printed coupons to all those who pass by your store. The kind of coupon we're referring to is a digital voucher that will entitle the voucher holder to a discount of some kind. Whether the digital voucher discounts a particular product or provides a set monetary discount once a shopper's order has exceeded a determined minimum, the purpose of a first-purchase coupon is to encourage consumers who have never shopped at your store to try you out. 

Personalized Bonus Points Campaigns 

"Bonus points" is a concept that has been around for quite some time. Credit card companies, airlines, and warehouse clubs all use bonus points incentives to encourage customer spending. Typically, bonus points come in the form of either cash back or vouchers. These points have a cash value that is then credited back to the cardholder. Customer loyalty rewards programs make it easy to launch personalized bonus points campaigns since these programs constantly collect valuable member data, including members' favorite products and wishlist items. Retailers can effortlessly leverage this customer information in their direct-to-customer bonus points campaigns.  

Referral Bonuses  

The last method of attracting new customers that we included in our second June article is referral bonuses. This method involves rewarding the loyal customers you already have. Referrals can be a powerful way to attract new customers because people generally trust their friends, family members, and even work associates more than any advertisement. When you reward the loyal customers you already have every time they successfully refer your brand to people they know, you are essentially fostering the best word-of-mouth marketing there is. 

Be sure to check out the full article, which has insights as well as practical tips that include: 

  • Direct-to-Consumer Applications of Each Method Listed Above 
  • How Each Method Can Integrate with Your Loyalty Program 
  • The Upside of Each Method 
  • The Downside of Each Method 
  • And Finally, the Takeaway of Each Method 


At their core, referral programs serve as a powerful marketing strategy for businesses that want to both attract new customers and retain existing ones. By providing rewards to their current customers, a business can incentivize their customers to refer the business' products or services to their social networks of friends and family. Referral programs are so effective that we dedicated our third June blog to detailing exactly how you can get the most out of launching a referral program as part of your loyalty rewards program. Be sure to check out the full article, which has so much more information than what we've summarized below. In the meantime, here are the highlights.

Improve Customer Retention

The point of any marketing campaign is to improve customer retention. Since people trust their friends and social circles far more than they trust traditional advertising, savvy business owners would greatly benefit from taking this fact into consideration when they devise their marketing strategies. This is where referral programs come in. Referral programs reward customers for recommending a business to their friends. As current customers make referrals, they become increasingly invested in the company they're referring. In fact, they start to feel like they're part of the company.

Effective Word-of-Mouth Marketing

The great thing about referral programs is that they incentivize word-of-mouth marketing. When you, as a business owner, reward your current customers for successfully encouraging their friends to also shop with you, you are effectively generating word-of-mouth marketing. However, unlike truly organic word-of-mouth marketing that doesn't track and monitor referrals and overall campaign success, a real referral program that's tied to a digital platform with CRM and other marketing capabilities such as your loyalty program will provide you with important data insights that you can leverage in your future marketing campaigns.

Expand Marketing Scope

Including a referral program as part of your business' overall marketing strategy will expand your marketing scope on the whole. Referrals can be a great addition to your marketing efforts, especially your digital marketing efforts due to the fact that most of your customers will "refer" your business to their social circles on Facebook, Instagram, and other social media networks. For this reason, it's very important that you provide your current customers with excellent digital content they can "share" online as part of their effort to make successful referrals.


In our final blog article for June, we took an in-depth look at specific loyalty program ideas that can benefit cafés, coffee shops, and any business that sells coffee. These loyalty ideas were geared towards accommodating consumer hesitations due to COVID-19. Though American coffee drinkers consume a heck of a lot of java daily, due to COVID-19 they are now obtaining their coffee differently, which means you need to update your customer loyalty rewards program so that it reflects the new ways in which coffee shops are now expected to operate. Here are the top 4 loyalty program ideas that cafés can implement to keep up with contactless solutions while maintaining customer satisfaction.

Launch a Mobile App Loyalty Program

The best contactless solution comes in the form of a mobile app. Mobile apps completely eliminate human-to-human contact during the ordering and paying processes, which makes launching a mobile app loyalty program an excellent contactless solution. Plus, customers can explore the app, redeem rewards, and add swag shop items to their Wishlist from anywhere. If you do nothing else to accomplish touchless transactions, make sure you launch a mobile app as part of your loyalty program.

Include a Simple Digital Punch Card

Simple punch card structures appeal to customers who would otherwise reject complex loyalty programs. This only works, however, when the punch card is digital and easily accessible via a tap within the mobile app for guaranteed contactless use. Including a digital punch card can help you win over customers who have refused to join your loyalty program in the past. Try simple rewards structures like "buy ten, get one free." Uncomplicated structures such as "buy x, get y free" and "spend x, get y points" often achieve the best results. 

Free Branded Swag Upon Enrollment

"Branded swag" refers to products, goods, and merchandise that has your café's name and logo on it. Many customer loyalty rewards programs include a swag shop with exclusive swag items that members can redeem for their earned points. Offering branded swag via a loyalty swag shop is an excellent way to encourage members to earn and burn their points. Plus, offering free swag upon program enrollment doesn't have to break your bank. Keep the enrollment swag inexpensive yet thoughtful, and be sure the swag items are sealed in plastic or otherwise packaged to maintain a standard of sanitary contactless.

Create a Coffee Subscription Service

The pandemic hasn't stopped coffee lovers from purchasing coffee, but it has hindered a portion of them from entering cafés. Meet customer needs by offering a weekly or monthly coffee subscription service with delivery options as part of your customer loyalty rewards program. Integrating a coffee subscription service into your customer loyalty rewards program works so well because members can set up an autopay for their subscription and steadily receive points. When customers have a positive experience with your café brand, they'll be inclined to frequently do business with you. For the full list of ideas, including ways to implement each tip, be sure to read the full article.

That concludes all of the articles you may have missed throughout June! If you're new to our loyalty blog and would like to be the first to know when a new article is published, be sure to sign up for our newsletter.

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This article was written by Loyal-n-Save, an omni-channel customer loyalty solution for retailers looking to increase customer retention and new customer acquisition.
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